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  • Member: Glitzer
  • Title: Slash Your Soul
  • Premiered: 2010-02-25
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    • Shiro Sagisu Treachery
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    (Special Thanks to luches for the Picture

    Program used: Adobe Premiere Pro

    I wanted to do something completely different from my previous romance video and this is the result. I fell in love with Garden of Sinners, and I've been itching to use this song in one way or another. I based this amv essentially around the main heroine Ryogi Shiki or as Code refers to her "stabby girl". I think Shiki is one of the most interesting anime characters ever conceived and certainly one of my favorites. From her Mystic Eyes of Death Perception and complex dual personalities to her "stabby" tendencies, Shiki is pure awesomesauce.

    I didn't actually put an intricate story into this video or anything, just mainly followed the lyrics. I cleverly manipulated the footage (lol) to make it look like Shiki killed herself at the end of the video, because I swear she was going to do it anyway at the conclusion of that part. Anywho, here are the lyrics:

    I can tell you've never been true to me
    I can smell that your acting so fearfully
    I can hear what your hoping I want to hear
    I can feel the alarm bells are ringing in me
    I can touch but I know you don't feel a thing
    I can pray but I know you commit a sin
    I can sense now its all become clear to see
    Your no good and you mean no good

    (I also skipped the first 45 seconds of the song, just because it wasn't nearly as cool)

    Hope you enjoy it!

    Thanks to my beta testers in reverse order of symmetrical importance:


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