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  • Members (16): Arczi, -Heero-, Choryn, CrazY_IwaN, Derudo, Fifti, Frezio, Hiniuial, Kosmit, Krecik89, Sayco, Slova, SonMati, Stonekeep, bobok, schen
  • Title: Why so Serious? II MEP
  • Premiered: 2010-02-07
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  • Songs:
    • Łowcy.B Świat wg Łowców
    • Łowcy.B Gdy Dziewczyna Nie Chce
    • Łowcy.B Gilanie
    • Łowcy.B Najśmiejszniejszy Człowiek Świata
    • 07 Zgłoś się sound clip
    • 300 Trailer Audio from Trailer
    • Arka Noego Święty Uśmiechnięty
    • Arka Noego Chrześcijanin Tańczy
    • Arka Noego Weź mnie na ręce
    • Arka Satana Taki duży, taki mały może wino pić
    • Arka Szatana Chleje je je
    • Ascetoholix Sarmaci
    • ayana Where the Wind Reaches
    • Benny Benassi Satisfaction
    • Big Cyc Kije Bejsbolowe
    • Big Cyc Pornola
    • Big Dance Gaz Gaz
    • Blink 182 Fuck a dog
    • Britney Spears Oops! I did it Again
    • Chłopaki nie płaczą sound clip
    • Chemical Brothers Galvanise
    • Commercial Heyah
    • Commercial Red Bull
    • Commercial Internet not for Kids sound clip
    • Disko Polo Toples Straciłaś cnotę
    • DJ Wiesłaff Bo ja Tańczyć chcę
    • elektryczne gitary ona jest pedałem
    • elektryczne gitary Włosy
    • Elmo and Kid Shut the f**k up
    • Fasolki Dzieciecy Zespol Fantazja
    • Fasolki Dzieciecy Zespol Kaczka Dziwaczka
    • Fasolki Dzieciecy Zespol Ogórek
    • Franek Kimono King bruce lee karate mistrz
    • futurama Sound Clip
    • Godzilla sound clip
    • Grupa Rafała Kmity Psy 3
    • Grzegorz z Ciechowa Piejo Kury, Piejo
    • Happysad IQ
    • Jamal Policeman
    • Jon Lajoie Show Me Your Genitals
    • Klotz67 Nerka Nerka
    • Lady Gaga Just Dance
    • Lumpex 75 Żubrówka
    • Madagaskar Wyginam śmiało ciało
    • Mario Bros. Mario brothers Theme
    • Marlena Drozdowska & Marek Kondrat Mydełko FA
    • Miś Uszatek Ending Theme
    • Monty Python sound clip
    • Niania Frania Opening Theme
    • Nic Śmiesznego sound clip
    • Offspring Why Don't You Get A Job?
    • Pidżama Porno Generacja
    • Psy 2 sound clip
    • Rafta Tadek Ty Kurwo
    • Ryszard Rynkowski Dziewczyny lubią brąz
    • Seksmisja sound clip
    • Smurfs Smurfs Theme (Polish Version)
    • Terminator 3 Trailer Audio
    • Virgin (Doda) Znak pokoju
    • Wojciech Gąssowski M jak Miłość
    • Yugoton Malicziki
    • Zero Bania u Cygana
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  • Comments: !!!ATTENTION!!! This version includes both Polish and English subtitles.

    Hello everybody and welcome to the second edition of Why so Serious ? MEP.

    "Why so Serious?" is Polish version of amv hell. There are only Polish creators.
    The project was initiated late August 2009. Anybody interested in the project: could participate: both editors and scriptwriters. 35 polish creators willingly applied, along with 6 scriptwriters. After three months I received 250 tracks (about 1.5 hour of material). Similarly to the first part, a selection done by a special jury was carried out. The judges were carefully chosen by me, and those were: AceMan, Szwagier, Crossfade and Kosmit. After evaluation the number of tracks shrunk to 100 (about 25 min of material).

    The grand premiere of Why so serious II took place during PAcon(one of Polish anime convents) in Warsaw on the 6th February. A large number of spectators gathered, and the final version got a standing ovation.

    Special thanks go to:
    For their help in the project

    I’d like to thank all the co-authors especially, because without them, this MEP would never come to existence.

    There are a lot of Polish tracks, that you can't understand. There are few explanations of some tracks:

    01:38 - 01:49
    This song was created by a children music band, Fasolki (lit. Beans). The contrast between kids singing about imagination and what can be seen on screen is hilarious to most.

    02:10 - 02:36
    The music used is the opening theme for the polish version of a famous american sitcom - The Nanny.

    03:14 - 03:32
    This is from a polish commercial. L is saying "Sru", which can be understood as a terrible way to pronounce the word "through", but it also polish slang for starting something or throwing something etc.

    04:54 - 05:00
    The sound that gets played comes from the polish version of Avast! Antivirus (very popular in Poland) when a virus is detected.

    07:07 - 07:16
    This is a parody of a TV commercial. Era is a polish GSM service provider.

    07:25 - 07:50
    The dialogue, between a police detective and a suspect, comes from an 80's polish crime series "07 zgłos sie" ("Come in, 07"). The series has reached cult status in Poland.

    07:51 - 07:57
    Another sound from the polish version of Avast! Antivirus. This one is the most annoying since it gets played every time the virus database is updated, which is like every day...

    09:39 - 10:07
    Radio Saint Mary (polish name Radio Maryja) is a catholic radiostation. It is often perceived as very conservative. Mostly older people from smaller cities and villages listen to it . Most people constantly make fun of Radio Saint Mary as being hugely behind the times.

    10:46 - 10:56
    "Can we talk about it after our team advances to the World Cup?" The polish national football (that's soccer for those of you in the US) team is talked about here. And yes, the polish team does suck. Hard.

    11:55 - 12:03
    Song by Franek Kimono, an "artist" parodying the early 80's disco scene.

    12:04 - 12:13
    The qoute comes from a polish crime movie, "Psy" (literally "Dogs"), (in)famous because of the foul language heavy dialogues. The main character said these words to his girlfriend.

    12:41 - 13:05
    This one needs some explanation. In a polish movie, "Jak wywołałem II wojnę światową" ("How I started the II World War"), the main character, Franciszek Dolas, gets caught by german gestapo. They ask him for his name, so in order to make it as difficult as possible for them, he says Grzegorz Brzeczyszczykiewicz, which is clearly impossible to pronounce, much less write, for someone who is not polish. To add insult to injury, Dolas gets asked for his place of birth, to which he responds "Chrzaszczyzewoszyce, Lekolody county". The facial expressions of the gestapo officers are truly priceless.
    If you were wondering what was written in the Death Note:
    Jakub Szelag = AceMan, well known AMV editor :)
    Dorota Rabczewska - pop singer, I guess you could call her an equivalent of Paris Hilton
    Donald Tusk - current polish Prime Minister
    Roman Polanski - film director, wanted in the US for having sex with an underage girl
    Polski Zwiazek Pilki Noznej - Polish Football Association, one of the most hated institutions in Poland, because mostly old farts sit there doing nothing and ruining polish football
    kopytko - a reference to a famous TV commercial, too difficult to explain
    Jak to się %$$&# pisze?? - How do I $*&^$ write this?
    Nie moge juz, poddaje się - I can't do this, I give up. - Yagami Light

    13:44 - 14:04
    "L for love" (M jak milosc) is a very popular soap opera. The song is the opening theme.

    14:47 - 15:07
    Another quote from the movie "Psy".

    15:17 - 15:24
    The dialogue in the elevator comes from a polish comedy movie "Nic smiesznego" ("Nothing funny"). The whole conversation goes like this:
    -Is this the elevator?
    -What did you expect, a warship?
    -Is this going up?
    -Where else? To the side?

    16:09 - 16:27
    The song is actually a parody of a well-known polish christian song. In the real version, Jesus is coming, not the rector/provost.

    16:30 - 19:37
    Quote from the movie "Deamons of war".

    21:05 - 21:09
    Another quote from "Psy", this time the second movie. I don't think I need to explain why saying "Because those who died are dead" about DBZ characters is funny.

    21:11 - 21:25
    What the author of the song means by "Girls like it brown" is that girl like to have a nice tan, obviously...

    21:25 - 21:38
    Parody of the (in)famous movie "Psy". The two actors talk only using cursewords. The dialogue has been cut short. In a later part, the director comes in saying "Guys, guys, guys.... Not enough "fuck", for fuck's sake. One more fucking time!"

    21:44 - 21:56
    Dialogue from a famous polish comedy film, Seksmisja ("Sexmission"). The movie tells the tale of two guys volunteering in the early 90's to be test subjects in a hibernation experiment. They wake up just fine, but in the year 2044... What's more, there are no more males, and all women live in underground vaults due to heavy radiation left from the gender war from many years previous. This dialogue plays out when the main character gets owned by a woman after an escape attempt.

    23:53 - 23:56
    Turbodymoman is a comedy superhero character from a series of TV commercials. He is said to be able to do everything 50% better than anybody else.

    24:37 - 24:51
    Zubrowka, also known as Bison Vodka or Bison Grass Vodka, is a famous polish vodka brand. Every bottle contains a blade of grass in it. The grass used has some coumarin in it, that's why it's been banned in the US for some years.

    25:56 - 26:00
    This one is difficult to translate. Generally, the polish word used (pedal) only means a male homosexual. So, saying "She is a pedal" is like saying "he is a dyke".

    26:58 - 27:16
    The song playing in the background is the ending theme for "Miś Uszatek", a polish cartoon for kids about a... cute bear. The cartoon surprisingly gained popularity in Japan, where it is know under the japanese title "Oyasumi, Kuma-chan."

    I give you all my best regards, and enjoy the show.

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