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  • Member: bma_ksa
  • Studio: BMA Videos
  • Title: Feel the beat
  • Premiered: 2002-11-06
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  • Song:
    • Scooter Ramp
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  • Comments: I got this email message after 2 days of submitting this AMV and uploading it to a local download "special thanks to ^_^"
    I decided then to write a small preview:
    First thing is first, this AMV was done with a very small amount of anime footage from all the anime used in the video except the Evangalion which I'll explain more about it. This also explains why the song was cut and reduced. If you are wondering why/how did this happen!?? Here is the story that hasn't been told ^) ^.

    ------------Story part -------------- skip it if you are in hurry-----

    I was one day at my friend house. He got some new anime DVDs that he ordered from some sites, anyway I checked them and there was detective Conan new movies and One piece "which is by the way ….kick ass anime" the good thing is that I brought my pc with me cuz my friend needed to check the files that I've been downloading for the past few weeks " from mp3s and of course AMVs … etc"
    My friend was checking my PC and I was in the same time watching those DVDs he just got. The dancing did really got my attention "in both one piece and Conan" I didn't really thought of making an AMV at that time, but yet I ripped some of the parts which wasn't that much. I was thinking I might make an AMV or need them in future amv!! After like 2 days I started to play those couple of footage and got an idea of making dancing amv!!
    Yet I know that the Eva part wasn't suppose to be there, but since I had no more footage I added them and yes I have the Eva DVD ^_^ .
    Why didn't I ask my friend to lend me the DVDs to get more footage?
    Well to me it was like a new challenge… so why not I gave it a try!?? Locked down with some various anime footage and trying to create amv out of it …

    --------------------------------End of story-------------------------

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