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  • Member: qyll
  • Studio: Izzle Kizzle Studios
  • Title: Vade Retro
  • Premiered: 2010-02-15
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  • Song:
    • The New Pornographers The Laws Have Changed
  • Anime:
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    As far I know, there has not been a single AMV made to The New Pornographers. That's a travesty! I was inspired to make this AMV after watching the music video for The Laws Have Changed. Incidentally, that's also where the title comes from. Go watch it for yourself.

    I'll say that it was initially difficult pin down a concept for this song, but the scenes gradually laid themselves on the timeline. The final idea was a story with subtitles of K-ON covering a song for a concert. Admittedly not a very original story, but I'm glad I made this AMV. It was also a new experience for me to decide how long a subtitle should go on for and when the viewer should focus on the subtitles and when to watch the actual video. In many parts of the song, I let the scenes run on abnormally long in order to let the subtitles stay on for longer. Constructing the visual focus for each scene was the main challenge of this AMV and a great learning experience. I feel like I definitely could have improved some of the scenes, but oh well, it took 30 minutes to open the project and and 2 hours to export it.

    The colored cutout effect for the chorus was stolen from those iPod commercials. I always thought they were visually striking.

    EDIT: Alright. Gonna try to do some more encodes. I'm lazy as hell though, so sorry if they're not up yet. Also, lack of hosting ftl.

    Programs Used: Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects.
    Time Taken: About 10 days to do all the masking, 7 days to edit.

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