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  • Member: CodeZTM
  • Title: Averted Gaze
  • Premiered: 2010-02-09
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    • Michael Andrews Mad world
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  • Comments: Made after reading several news stories regarding children in our world. Kind of showing that childhoods these days aren't the peachy 1950's sitcom that they used to be.

    Kids these days are used as means of drug trafficking, means of attracting prey to predators, are ignored for being different, kill themselves when their lives are too sad and they cannot bear it anymore, find happiness from parents only on superficial holidays like birthdays, teachers and parents punishing by violent force instead of by kindness and understanding, even kind and caring looking children can be horrible monsters committing acts of violence and murder, and children who act like they are supposed to act are considered "fools". What's worse is that parents and siblings don't even WANT their children these days, throwing them away like common household trash. ;____;

    The title comes from the look on children's faces these days. They don't look you in the eyes anymore,and seem to avert your gaze...

    Overall, it was a sad project to work on. Most of the scenes were inspired from REAL LIFE situations I found in the news in MY LOCAL STATE. But I thought it would be something interesting to do.


    EDIT: Winner of Best in Show at A-Kon 2010

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