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  • Member: downwithpants
  • Studio: Drunken Panda Productions
  • Title: Ego
  • Premiered: 2010-02-06
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    • Muse Butterflies and Hurricanes
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    This AMV contains spoilers from the Neon Genesis Evangelion Series. Not much else to say, please watch and let the AMV speak for itself.

    Production Notes
    This is the first AMV I have released in almost five years. The idea for the video came not long after Muse's Absolution was released in 2005, so... five years ago... however, I took a sabbatical from editing (WoW) at the end of 2005. I began intermittently working on the video around summer 2008 and had a first draft of the piano section by the end of that summer. In late 2009 (after canceling said WoW subscription) I decided to hurry up on the rest of the video to submit it in time to the U-Con at UConn. I ended up cutting 2 minutes out of the song in order to be able to finish it on time. I was originally expecting to go back and finish the removed 2 minutes, but in the end, trimming the audio was probably for the better, as the video was starting to drag.

    I thought the piano section in this song would be cool if it were to be set to scenes of people being massacred. I had done it with Debussy. boing.

    I was inspired by Beowulf's Dead to the World to make this video as pretentious and melodramatic as possible. I asked myself, if I wanted to call this my opus magnum too, what would I need to put in there?

    1. Cryptic psychological and religious references. Check.
    2. A mushroom cloud over violins. Check.
    3. Angsty characters grinding their teeth. Check.
    4. Sex. Check.
    5. Elaborate editing and compositing sequences... Well, 4/5 should be enough.

    Daniel Hopkins' Faithless was also a good reference for portraying angst and mecha action. The shift from the TV series to End of Evangelion at the instrumental section is an intentionally obvious homage to Kevin Caldwell's Engel (sorry now the pretentiousness is spilling over.)

    Anyways, Enjoy! Feedback appreciated.

    Best in Show U-Con at UConn 2010/02/06

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