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  • Member: mounkeygirl
  • Title: Kiss Kiss (The Rap :P)
  • Premiered: 2009-11-03
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    • Chris Brown Kiss Kiss
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  • Comments: Song: Kiss Kiss Artist: Chris Brown Ft:T-Pain (Huh... T-Pain guest stars a lot dosn't he?) Anime: Ouran Check out the contest I'm entering this in, the deadline for it is December 7th I've been working on this AMV on and off for well over five months (I actually don't remember when I started, but I know it was well before summer...) and desided it was finaly time to upload it. Note on the subtitles: Ok, to be perfectly honest the whole "subtitle thing" has been what has kept this project from completion for the previous two months. Much as the little voice in the back of my head tells me to just let it go, I can't. So here's the explanation: I started on one program, Veges. I didn't like rendering options as much as I did on Adobe, but the subtitle options were fun and easy to use so I thought, "Well, it is kind of hard to make out what he's saying some of the time. I'll just put in subtitles...." The subtitles you see in the video are the ones I added then. However; then I got a new adobe program... and when I installed that on my computer I got back the rendering option that I love so very very much... but when I finished the video part and tried to put more subtitles in they looked stupid and it was hard to use :( Then I tried to go back to Veges, but the program was on an entirely different computer and it was a pain to go between two computers... Long story short (too late) this AMV was in danger of dieing without ever being completed, when all that was left were the subtitles. So I decided to simply let it go... as you can tell... LOL Right- now that that's off my cheast- comments! I love comments! Leave comments please! AMV#40 (Great googily moogaly! O_O)

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