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  • Member: TwilightChrono
  • Studio: Vantype Studios
  • Title: WhatchaSay!? The Cheater And The Snow Queen
  • Premiered: 2010-02-03
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  • Song:
    • Jason Derulo Whatcha Say
  • Anime:
  • Comments: WatchaSay!? A Series Of Short Stories is a multi part single AMV that tells several different stories
    to the same song. Each dolled out in short episodes to the same song as the last but continues from where
    the song on the last episode left off. A Short story is just that.......short.

    The final result will be put together as an AMV as a whole. Editing these stories seperately also
    eleviates a lot of stress when your so concerned with timing and flow.

    And thus the end result of the final compiled AMV will have different variety throughout. Or at least.....that's
    my plan. I will be releasing the episodes as singles until the whole song is complete. I will then
    compile the AMV as a whole and release it. I figured this could be a nice twist to the AMVing we have come
    to know and love doing.

    So, with each episode being different from the last meaning different sources at the end of most episodes
    you will probably find where the other source starts to kick in. That is where the next episodes jumps in

    This is just an experimental idea on my part and I figured it would be fun.

    Anyway. I hope you enjoy the first episode. The Cheater and the Snow Queen.

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