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  • Member: Cross/fade
  • Title: All hell Lelouch!
  • Premiered: 2010-01-16
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    • South Park Movie OST Up There
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  • Comments: My last years of AMV making were full of dramas/sentimental vids and in general videos placed somewhere along those lines.
    So I said to myself - what a wonderful world! *and after that I decided to concentrate a bit more this year on other genres I never tried. Comedy, action etc.


    Code Geass was a great title. I don't doubt that. But there was something about Lelouch character that always bugged me. Sometimes I felt his character is over pathetic, just like his body movements. It just meant one thing. Parody time.

    South Park is a source of some great sketches, songs that were created in order to make people smile/laugh etc. The movie version wasn't different in that aspect. I actually enjoy a lot, even from let's say - "artistic point of view" songs like "La Resistance" or "Up there" - the song I decided to use here. In the movie Satan is the one singing it, sharing his dreams with everyone. Everything was pink, fluffy and good. It was hilarious considering Satan is the one singing it. So we had like two faces of Satan - the ruler of hell, greatest evil. And also a face of a person who dreams of living a normal life, like everyone else on earth. Lelouch character is not really that far away from Satan in that aspect. He was a character full of contrasts as well. But of course we don't want to get too serious here. This is after all - a little fun vid. And that is so, to the next point.

    2. Technical aspect:

    Longest 2min of AMV creating of my life. I was re-doing things countless of times. Rotoscoping scenes for hours, just to throw that out. It always happened in project earlier. But not on this scale. Maybe this genre isn't something I'm suited for. Fire was made in AAE by using some tutorials I found on teh Internet. I'm not too sure about the last singing scene of Lelouch, since using same scenes to make him sing, was an experiment I decided to pull of. That is all here I guess .... ask me if you wanna know more (I doubt you want).


    "Up there" - South Park Movie - Bigger, longer, uncut.


    Sometimes I think
    When I look up, real high
    That there's such a big world up there
    I'd like to give it a try
    But then I sink
    Cos it's here I'm suppossed to stay

    But I get so lonely down here
    Tell me why does it have to be that way

    Up there there is so much room
    Where babies burp and flowers bloom
    Everyone dreams, I can dream too

    Up there, Up where the skys are ocean blue
    I could be safe and live without a care up thereeee.

    (Ohhhh wowo)

    They say I don't belong
    I must stay below alone
    Because of my beliefs I'm suppossed to stay where the evil is sown.
    What is evil anyway


    Is there reason to the rhyme
    Without evil there could be no good so it must be good to be evil sometimes

    Up there there is so much room
    Where babies burp and flowers bloom
    Everyone dreams, I can dream too

    Up there, Up where the skys are ocean blue
    I could be safe and live without a care
    Live without a care
    If only I could live UP THERE.
    I wanna live there, I wanna live there, oooh live up there! Ohh! I want to live up THERE!"

    Also, special thanks to a lot of people:

    Kosmit - who sacrificed himself and was searching for yaoi artwork with me. His responsible for the title as well.

    Any kind of feedback is most welcomed!

    Won Best Comedy and Tied for Fan Favourite at AICon 2010 AMV Competition
    Thank you!

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