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  • Member: Heavy amv
  • Title: Ichigo brings Rukia to life
  • Premiered: 2006-12-20
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    • Evanescence Bring Me To Life
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  • Comments: My first AMV.

    Like lots of newbies, i chose an overseen anime and an overheard song : Bleach and Evanescence.
    Evertihng started when a friend of mine sent me a video link. Forsaken - Evangelion, it was my first step in amv world. So i decided : i will make my own AMV.

    As i had already choosen the music, i thought about a storyline during my job. But i just took the ichigo fights in onder before saving Rukia. Then i fit differents parts of music to each battle, showing only importants hits not to make viewers bored.

    Premiere, AE, 15 working days and here we were. I'm really proud of it but the quality. I sucked at encoding so i tried to clean it up. Anyway, Evanescence musics are forbidden there...

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