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  • Member: maricela
  • Title: RK MMV: Mortality
  • Premiered: 2008-12-16
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    • FMA ( Dante's Theme) Mortality
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  • Comments: Hi there,
    After two years without making a RK AMV I decided to make one during the Jinchu Arc and my friend mcgenieboy1286 from youtube suggested me the right song to make a tragic MMV & thanks friend for your request.

    MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD:This MMV takes take place during the Jinchu Arc that focuses on Kenshin during the time when he's with Tomoe until he finds Kaoru dead and decides to go the fallen village where he always remain alone.

    Manga: Rurouni Kenshin Song: Fullmental Archemist Mortality (Dante's theme) I hope you all enjoy. ^_^

    from this AMV creator
    Angelica Reynoso

    Sweetangie1227 is my username at youtube website.

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