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  • Members: Otohiko, jasper-isis
  • Title: Haunting Her
  • Premiered: 2010-01-05
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    • Minus the Bear El Torrente
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    A detective investigates a series of gruesome and supernatural incidents. His daughter, against her will, begins to see unsettling visions of the spirit responsible for them.

    After spending the past 400 years seeking vengeance on behalf of others, Jigoku Shoujo realizes that the time for her own revenge has come.


    This AMV is a collaboration between jasper-isis and Otohiko. We're both fans of Minus the Bear and thought that a collab with this song, which has some cool experimental bits, would be an interesting project.

    It was a collaboration in the true sense, because we didn't divide up parts or relegate each other to one thing or another. We worked on the same timeline and made changes to each others editing as we thought necessary. One person would edit at a time, working on the entire video until his/her ideas were exhausted for the time being. Then the project would get passed to the other person. In total, we exchanged the project about twelve times from start to finish.

    The song has some pretty specific lyrics, so we needed to find a source that would work. We asked on the forums and looked around ourselves, and after considering a few different anime, we settled on Hell Girl because it had characters that could fit the nature of the song. The show actually turned out to be a bit of a disappointment (mediocre plot and inconsistent animation), but we strove to make the best of it.


    Technical notes:

    We set up the files identically on our computers so that we would only have to pass the Premiere project file back and forth. Jasper mostly used bait-and-switch while Oto edited directly, but there was no problem as both were accomplished through Avisynth files (one used AVISource and the other used MPEG2Source). Premiere doesn't know the difference as long as they have the same name, extension, and attributes (duration, resolution, framerate, etc).

    Premiere would sometimes bug out and refuse to open the project file after it was edited by the other person. In this case, we used the workaround of "importing" the project into another (preferably blank) project. Past versions were preserved as separate sequences within a project - this way we could refer back if some ideas didn't work out as expected. Except a few minor glitches, everything ran smoothly and we continued trading files over the course of about 6 months.


    Thank you to krzT, godix, Orwell and Janzki for betaing.
    The inspiration for one particular effect came from Ileia's Dreamscape.


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