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  • Member: SuperYEpower
  • Title: Trigun - Smoke
  • Premiered: 2003-05-10
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    • Mr. Ed Jumps the Gun Smoke
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  • Comments: Vash the Stampede hits it with "Smoke" on the water. The reason why I chose "Smoke" because it has a good beat and seems like it would be fun to make. Well, it has a good beat, I did have some fun here and there, but to tell you the truth, it took longer than I thought. Why? Well, I can tell you why it did. I seemed to work and stop constantly on this video because of things going on in my personal life, but mostly working on my webpage.
    In the end, I finally have my own site called "Korin's Tower" than will contain many information summaries of anime, video clips, images, trailers, and of course my music videos. But I'm getting off track here.
    This video has been one of the most upbeat videos I have done. I tried to make videos match just with the beat in "Pieces" but learned my lesson on it. It is best to do a video tribute or basically to make sense watching it than to put clips all together just to follow a beat (such as "Pieces" and "Here to Stay" that I previously made).
    I have never done a Trigun music video, so this seemed like a good shot to try it out. Yep, it worked out and like the way it turned out.
    I wanted to make the beginning and ending the same, so I put Vash walking towards the camera. The ending was placed having Vash walk away from the camera, so hopefully you will notice that. I tried to fit a sequence of clips together. Such as Vash against Wolfwood in the shoot out draw, Vash versus Monev in the middle, and also Vash against Knives at the end.
    I hope you will enjoy the video and hopefully become one of your favorites. Till' next time, bye bye!

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