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  • Member: godix
  • Studio: Nazi Death Kitty
  • Title: Is it too late to jump on the shinkai train.prproj
  • Premiered: 2009-12-31
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  • Song:
    • Akvarium Imja Mojej Tosk
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  • Comments: Occasionally I do a video where I don't insult anyone. I try to fight those urges, but sometimes I just gotta do it anyway.

    The video started with a mental image of the sketch like effect on a highly detailed realistic background to visually represent someone who has isolated themselves from the world. The type of person you read about in newspapers, so isolated that they die in their apartment and no one notices or finds the body for weeks. Which kinda limited my source since there's few anime with highly detailed realistic background.

    My general goal was to try a mood video and to focus on contrasts. The vague ill-defined effect vs the beautifully detailed anime. Past vs present. Muted color vs bright visuals. Blues for the start of the children relationship vs reds for the end. Happy kids vs sad adult isolated from humanity. Etc. I did spend a large amount of effort trying to make sure none of this was in your face (except the one obvious effect), so I kinda doubt anyone will notice I was trying for contrasts as well as mood.

    I was thinking about not entering it into the org, but at least one mod wanted me to if for no other reason than the rules kinda require it. Plus it's kinda nice knowing I released at least one decent vid this year. Overall, I like how it turned out; it's only the third vid I've ever done that I think isn't totally worthless. On the other hand, it feels like a cheap copy of an Otohiko vid. There's no element of it that feels godix like. When I'm intentionally parodying and mocking someone I don't mind ripping their style off but it kinda sorta bothers me to do so when I'm making a non-asshole like vid.

    Speaking of Otohiko, thank/blame him for this. He gave me the song. He did a *LOT* of beta testing for me. He convinced me this wasn't entirely a muddled mess that should be deleted. He even titled it when he suggested I go with the sarcastic offhand name I gave the project file, including the extension. Others also beta tested, but Oto was by far the biggest help. Some of what he said I intentionally ignored though, probably to the videos detriment. I was ripping his style off enough without taking his advice on how to do it even more. Anyway, it's all his fault. Blame Canada. Thanks Otohiko.

    Someone asked for translated lyrics so here they are. This is probably entirely accurate in the general tone of things but I wouldn't trust that a line means exactly what I say it does.

    It burns like the strike of a whip
    All here, and yet unreachable
    A reflection in the glass,
    A fire on the other side of the river

    And if you want, walk on the water
    Or become someone else, but
    He whispers: "My holy God, teach me
    The name of my sorrow"

    Between you and me
    My each and every word
    About how slow the snow is,
    About how high the sky

    My God, if it's not in your power
    To release me, from the cage of this blood
    Teach me
    The name of my sorrow

    You're too far away
    From me
    Too far away
    From me
    Like air from the fire
    Water from the wave
    Heart from the blood
    And now I'm falling down
    Already just two steps from the ground
    My God, look...

    You forgave me everything
    And I know you are true
    But your inextinguishable light
    Burns out after touching my hand

    My God, if I return
    Then I will return pure
    All else is up to me, just teach me
    The name of my sorrow

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