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  • Member: Distance
  • Studio: Endless Life Studios
  • Title: Reaching You
  • Premiered: 2009-12-29
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    • Mayday Parade Anywhere But Here
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    Finally a new FULL AMV again..xD yes I said it...Full that sounds so weird from me haha xD because I barely edit full ones =P but I am glad I finished this one and it's only because of one person =P

    Today (or if I am late by 1 day, Yesterday) was the Birthday of my best friend Katrina 8D we know each other for approximately 1 Year now and you've been always a very good friend to me and helped me out with everything you could =) I really owe you a lot and will always light up your Sky, if you need 8D -insider- So that's why you deserve a Full AMV from me ^^ I put everything I had into this, made it in 3 days, so it's kinda rushed but I still hope chu will like it my friend ;DD Hope you had a great Birthday and much luck on your way to be an adult 8D oldie lol xD jk

    For me personally, this video was a kind of challenge for me. I never edited a full AMV like this was an own Story behind this. So this is why I think the outcome of this vid is pretty neat =) The song is one of my most favourites and i thought it would match well with this anime which I just saw a couple of days ago to edit this AMV xD
    I got pretty much inspired by ZetZu4real's Busou Renkin vid. It's one of my favs and it's just awesome =) so I wanted to try one as well ^^

    The Story of the AMV:
    Kazuki is a Warrior that works for an organisation that kills Homunculus. Those species are alchemic monsters that eat humans. One Day some Strange unknown guy appears and he loses to him and fell into the sea. Tokiko, a girl with a big scar in her face, finds Kazuki and saves his life again like the day when he got piered through his chest and she implanted a Kakugane in it. From that Day on, Kazuki grew stronger and with her help, he could attend to do his job as a Warrior again.

    One Day, while fighting with a frog-like-Homunculus, he got pierced through his chest where the Kakugane was and fell to the ground. Tokiko had a strange feeling and searched for Kazuki. Slowly awakening from being unconscious, he saw that Tokiko had saved him and his life a second time and with that he promised to himself that he will always try to protect her, no matter what.

    After a while, Kazuki meets the strange unknown guy again who he's lost to. They start fighting a second time but this time Kazuki has obviously grown stronger with the help of Tokiko and beats him. They both began to get closer to each other and slowly are falling in love. They are enjoying their time and do have much joy. As a result both didn't want to be apart from each other and so Tokiko decided to join Kazuki, fighting against Homunculus and other enemies.

    Both are fighting together and nothing could tear them apart. They defeated every single enemy that passed their way. One Day the strongest enemy appeared. It was Victor, the almightiest alchemic warrior that has ever existed. Kazuki and Tokiko are planning to do a team attack, using Kazukis Lance to pierce Victors heart. Right before their attack starts, Kazuki pushes Tokikos hand away and she falls down to the sea below. He promised to himself that he will protect her and be there for her, so he decided to attack Victor alone.

    After the Sunlight Push attack, that put both Victor and Kazuki on the moon, the final battle started there. In the End, where both of them clashed into each other with their powerful attack, Kazuki got pushed to the sky... If he's alive and can come back?..

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