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  • Member: Mastamind
  • Title: Debut
  • Premiered: 2009-12-14
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    • Foo Fighters Best of You
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  • Comments: Comments from Akross:
    "I decided to try and make something original for my first video.
    This was edited in a little over 10 months, all in Vegas Pro."

    I made this, above all, as something experimental. I started this project knowing that many people would just ignore it, or simply not get into it because of the sources. But regardless, I hope you'll find the idea to be something completely new.

    A few things about the video: The animation wasn't as complicated as it was tedious. Once I found out how to make Naruto play the guitar, it got easier and looked better every time I had to create a similar scene. But sometimes I'd work on a particular 2-second section for days, only to find out the animation was too crappy or didn't look exactly as I'd pictured it in my mind, and I'd have to remake the scene. In a few cases I worked on a single scene for weeks. I worked slowly and as time passed I just found myself getting more and more frustrated. Towards the end I was pressed for time as I neared the Akross deadline, and I ended up entering my video only a few hours before the deadline. I'm pretty happy with the results, though due to last-minute rushing it didn't come out looking as polished as I intended. Hope you enjoy it anyways.

    P.S. I'll update this later if I decide to upload another verison, but for now local is the same 60fps verison from the Akross page.

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