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  • Member: burntoast
  • Title: Reunion
  • Premiered: 2009-12-20
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    • Breaking Benjamin Forever
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  • Comments: A relatively short and simple video using two sources I've wanted to use for a while! This vid is my attempt at creating a better visual flow, since I've been almost obsessed with hitting every single beat in my previous few AMVs.

    RahXephon: Pluralitas Concentio may be a condensed version of the TV series, but it is nonetheless a beautiful movie and I wanted to make use of the new scenes included within. However, I ran into some problems with said scenes being letterboxed (ouch). I've decided to keep them and throw this vid out there without fretting too much, though. Technical aspects aside, again it's quite a breath-taking movie and I wanted to express the slightly altered storyline using the equally uplifting "Forever" by Breaking Benjamin. Hopefully you enjoy watching it and opinions are very welcome!

    Thank you dcdeveloperx and Pwolf for beta testing! :p


    Do you know that I could never leave you?
    And you know I could never beat you?
    And if I, if I could never find you...
    Never-mind, I would not forget you.

    Can I stay alive forever? (x3)


    Can I feel a chemical reaction?
    Because I feel a hideous attraction.
    But could we share a poison apple?
    Can it be maniacal and awful?

    Can I stay alive forever? (x3)

    Forever, forever.
    Stay alive forever.
    Stay alive forever. (x5)

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