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  • Member: Noss
  • Title: Kintaro's Adventure
  • Premiered: 2009-11-13
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    • SPN-X Alle Mädchen
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  • Comments: As a succession video to "Fumoffu Must" I had to rethink for this work completely. Here though I also respected to it this the cuts and effects on the betas fitted, however, it tells, primarily, a small history. As well as in the series it tells the story of the main interpreter "Kinatro Oe" which goes by the world and hits over and over again on the nicest women. This time, on this occasion, I have paid attention more to the connection between picture and chanted text, than on picture and beat. Thus I have inserted a lot of places in those the figure also the text of the song speaks. Thus the viewer should get the feeling that the history is told about the interpreter.
    Also the spectators they know neither the Musictrack, nor the series "Golden Boy", can have a good time with this small video.

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