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  • Studio: Deez Nutz Productions
  • Title: #27. All I Do Is Think Of You Tenma...
  • Premiered: 2009-12-12
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    • (Intro Track) Adult Swim Intro Theme
    • Troop All I Do Is Think Of You
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  • Comments: This month marks 2 years that I've been in the amv game so to celebrate here's an early Christmas present, mainly for my HarimaxTenma fans and r&b lovers. You have your ex-delinquent, love-crazy, bad boy trying to win the heart of the girl of his dreams. Harima took his life for granted and did not care about becoming a high school graduate or noticing his natural talent as a manga artist and figured life wuz just violence and disappointments until he met Tenma. Tenma's a kind hearted soul who secretly considers herself not up to par with her friends and schoolmates due to herself not being too bright, a klutz, and her psychic powers not up to the expectations to the rest of her family until she met Harima. Thru a misunderstanding they found each other and gives romance a shot while learning the facts of life. Themes contained in this amv are love, intimacy, temptation, betrayal, heartbreak, redemption, forgiveness, sacrifice, and heroism. I hope that those who watch this amv that are in relationships continue to or come to realize how blessed they are to have that certain someone in their lives and to not do anything that could ruin it. Whether that person is your first love or not, the one you lost your virginity to or not, or difficulties arise between you both do everything that is possible to keep them in your lives cuz he or she may be the one and you both may have a future together. And you also have to do whatever it takes to protect him or her, these are the examples you'll see from Harima and Tenma in this amv. I'm blessed to be with my current GF and even though I don't know if she is the one or the not, that's still not gonna make me fuck up something special over something not worth it.

    You really cant tell from watching this but the School Rumble series, God as my witness, is the funniest japanese made anime I have ever watched. I'm talkin chokin on your own spit funny. 52 eps in all with 4 OVAs, I highly recommend that you buy the dvds because the english dub is absolutely amazing. Back when I made my b-day vids on St. Patty's Day I was gonna add my top 10 romance/comedy animes along with my top 10 action/drama animes but I didnt have enough room so I left it out. The School Rumble series is at the #1 spot best believe, I did put it at the #8 spot for my mangas though. Dont wanna spoil anything to those havent watched it yet but I bet that 96% of everyone who has finished watching the entire anime from the start to the 4th OVA wuz, like me, disappointed with how the series as a whole ended in that OVA so here's my version of how shit should've went down in the end.

    This song came out in the year of 1990 and I first heard it the next year, it was the first r&b song I heard and it opened my mind to the world of r&b. Troop is one of the many talented r&b male groups that came out in this era and this song has a history, the Jackson 5 created the original and this is their version. Both versions have that epicness to it but I'm feelin Troop's version the most for obvious reasons, it just takes me back to the best era of music in my lifetime. Steve Russell is the lead singer of Troop and the main vocal for Harima in this amv, since the group disbanded in the mid-90s he's been the only one representing in the music game by being an award-winning songwriter for many r&b artists and I'll be hittin up his solo album next year.

    The whole time I've been workin on this amv I've been livin like I wuz a 22 year-old in the early 90s LOL!! I re-played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and busted out my NES, SNES, and Genesis games, watched tite-ass movies that came out in the '90s like Terminator 2, and been listening mostly to rap, hiphop and r&b that came out around that time (being that the '90s wuz the best time for quality songs in these genres anyway). I watched the entire School Rumble series again to make sure I can bring out all the ammo needed and since this song has a similar high school romance vibe to it it wuz easy to mix it well, I also watched Troop's music video and I tried to flow some parts of this amv like the music video to give that same new jack swing vibe it had to the anime. Found the music video on one of my VHS tapes from when I recorded BET's Video Soul music countdown, wonder how many of yall remember that show....... Anyways I've said all I wanted to say, thanks for reading, Happy Holidays and hope yall like my last amv for the year.

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