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  • Member: TerryH1984
  • Title: A Tale of Innocence from The MAD WORLD of Child Abuse
  • Premiered: 2009-11-24
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    • Adam Lambert Mad World
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    In memory of the victims of child abuse,
    this anime music video is thus born.

    You can watch it on YouTube at
    You are welcome to download and re-upload this video where ever / whenever you want.
    You can add your own sites about helping child abuse at the ending etc; i left it blank for this purpose.
    This is my attempt at an AMV with a good proper story line and nice music.

    I focused on the quality of the story, matching scenes, smooth syncing, text and animation,
    instead of abusing special effects like in my other AMV's.

    It was inspired by the real life incidence of child abuse and the 'snooze, sleep well' bedtime TV advertisements on TV;

    Everything fell into place beautifully as if they were meant to be together.

    I started this over a year ago, and I actually got serious about it when i heard adam lambert's version of Mad world on American Idol, and i was like, Wow, that's a wonderful version of the song; i just had to use it.

    This project was a breeze because i invested in good hardware after my last AMV.
    4 Areca Raid-5 Server HDDs , 8GB ram , 3 LCDs and Vista 64 bit OS, so i had absolutely no lag / errors during editing, saving me over month's productivity....(i saved $3000 in work hours just by upgrading my hardware for a few hundred $; so there's a tip of wisdom for people who have to juggle work at the same time as making amv's for free)

    (Note: Clannad is the Anime used at the ending, for some reason i can't add it to the Anime list in step 3)

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