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  • Member: Otohiko
  • Studio: Corndog Vidvids
  • Title: The World Aside
  • Premiered: 2009-11-15
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    • Porcupine Tree The Blind House
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  • Comments: In a strange and ever-changing world, where points of orientation shift and small realities of daily life appear threatened, a reasonable person might feel hopeless and despair. But hope is unreasonable. And love is greater than this. -Robert Fripp

    Good evening hippies,

    The best description for this video is as a mood piece, venturing into darker places with a hopeful tone. If you're familiar with the source - it's not all that far outside what the source has. Something along the lines of a journey out of hopelessness and despair by way of love.

    This is a full-length serious video to a 7-minute short, specifically Glass Eye from Amazing Nuts. With the exception of a couple of frames of random noise, all footage in this video comes from this and not other parts of Amazing Nuts, which are good on their own merits. As such, it obviously had its limits in how well I could lay it out, but I think it came out surprisingly well. I don't know of any other videos that used this source in a similar fashion, so perhaps it would be interesting even for that reason. I've also used music the very recently-released Porcupine Tree album "The Incident", to which I've been addicted since I got my hands on it. There has also not been AMVs I know that used this so far. So at least in some respect, this AMV is quite fresh. I've put in a well-above-average editing effort into it, but don't expect anything unexpected from it technically - the most I have done here is a few overlays. Timing while preserving a sensible dramatic layout is where most of that effort went.



    If you wanna stay
    Always here
    All these years
    A last frontier

    It's no concern of theirs
    The world aside
    Corrupts my child
    So trust these eyes

    Free love
    Blind house
    You don't need to know their secrets
    Believe me

    Pray and violate
    Abuse your trust
    False gods must
    Purge their lust

    The vices and the doubts
    We resist
    All this shit
    So kneel submit

    Free love
    Free love
    Bring love to all my sisters

    Breathe out
    Blind house
    You don't need to know their secrets
    Believe me

    Breathe out
    Blind house
    Free love
    Feel loved...

    *song edited from original, above order as in this video only


    Amazing Nuts (Part 2 - Glass Eye)

    The description on that site is woefully inadequate - "It's about a girl who's probably overdosed on some drug, and it has a very dream-like feel to it." - Uh, okay, maybe it's accurate enough, but sort of missing the point.

    Although it's really rather bizzare and perhaps unnecessarily pretentious, Glass Eye was my favourite part of the short collection - maybe it just appealed to me with the imagery and message (*cough* artfag *cough*). Out of all of the shorts, I thought it stood best on its own and certainly had some of the strangest visuals. Since the vast majority of the source is represented in the video, I needn't talk much about it - it's all there. You can figure for yourself.

    Porcupine Tree - The Incident

    Porcupine Tree are often classed as progressive rock, but really the group's work is simply rock that is progressive - i.e., it's often difficult to classify. What unites the band's sound is an uncompromising quest for intelligent composition and sharp production. It's really the best-sounding group I know, largely due to bandleader Steven Wilson's obsessively refined sound design. Ever since I saw them live in 2007, Porcupine Tree (and Steve Wilson's work in general) has been firmly... 2nd in my favourite music list. After the aforementioned Robert Fripp, of course.

    Porcupine Tree's latest album, released just two months ago, was really the creative drive for this video. It started sort of slowly for me - I didn't initially think I would like it as much as I did, but after a couple of weeks in my playlist it grew on me so much that I couldn't stop listening to it. It ain't just a nice collection of songs and it pains me to present it in such a cut-up form in this video. It's an amazing song cycle. Talking about it doesn't do it justice either. I highly encourage people to check it out if this video's track appeals to them in any way.

    The Incident - Part II - The Blind House

    This is the first actual song on the album - an interesting combination of heavier, metal-influenced instrumentation and more sensitive, emotional songwriting. A curious fact about this song - according to Steven Wilson, the lyrics are a non-political, first-person take on those involved in this infamous incident:
    While this has nothing to do with the video, I thought I'd bring it up for curiosity's sake.


    This video was a tough nut to crack for a couple of reasons, main one of course being the extremely constraining source. I think at least 80% of the scenes present in the original made it into the AMV in some way. The original layout for the video, most of which is very much present in the final, took only a few hours to make and went really easily. But when it came to tweaking and improving the timing, hours upon hours upon hours were spent revising and re-revising. The net result is only somewhat better than the original sketch-up, but I'm happy with it.

    The video took approximately 40-45 hours total editing time to complete.


    Temple of Isis Mk. II
    AMD64 Dual-Core 2400MHz
    2048Mb DDR2 RAM
    80 + 250GB Internal HD, 120 + 750GB External
    XFX GeForce 8600GTS 256Mb
    Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0


    BurningLeaves - extended beta feedback
    godix - beta feedback, creative solution
    Radical_Yue - beta feedback, source DVD
    Orwell , jasper-isis , ZephyrStar , lynit - general beta feedback

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