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  • Member: SuperYEpower
  • Title: Rurouni Kenshin - Butterfly
  • Premiered: 2003-05-05
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    • Butterfly
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  • Comments: Well, if you heard of Smile.DK or most likely Dance Dance Revolution, then you must heard of Butterfly. I decided to go with this and the best anime to fit with the song is Rurouni Kenshin. When I was on a search for an unique song to use, I came along Butterfly and during that time I heard of Dance Dance Revolution. After listening it, "Hey good beat and this sounds like Rurouni Kenshin that it does!" Printed out the lyrics, did some notes on what to do, added neat effects, boom! It turned out the way I wanted it to.

    Ever since I got to play Dance Dance Revolution, download their songs, I really want to do a "HUGE" project. I also want it to be a part of my project at college. So what I plan on doing is a DVD of dance songs, rock, etc. and make a dance video basically of all the videos I have made. Also to be part of my college work in this, I decided to make my own dance DVD logo (like Dance Dance Revolution) and even the setup of the menus I will design. So the whole things will be made by my hands, well except the fact that the anime shows I didn't make of course. Anyways it's gonna be a huge project. Unfortunately, this project will not be done till I get ready to graduate at my college (year 2006 maybe) but hey, it'll be worth it, trust me.

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