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  • Members (9): ketsuekiko, 0SimplyAngel0, MagdaleneOrder, Pochomaluv, SammyPacks, ShinyFlyingApple, SiblicideAMV, Zaiyei, aoisenshi
  • Studio: Bittersweet Temptations Studio
  • Title: Aeternus Patientia
  • Premiered: 2009-11-04
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Evanescence Bring Me To Life
    • Evanescence Everybody's Fool
    • Evanescence Farther Away
    • Evanescence Going Under
    • Evanescence Lacrymosa
    • Evanescence Missing
    • Evanescence Taking over me
    • Evanescence Tourniquet
    • Evanescence Where Will You Go
    • Evanescence Whisper
  • Anime:
  • Comments: After months of hard work, Ketsuekiko finally presents "Aeternus Patientia!" I hope you all enjoy all of our hard work!!! Also this is being put on SiblicideAMV's (Kai's) account because Rae suggested it due to her officially retiring from AMV editing, and Ketsuekiko! Also have a wonderful 18th Birthday Rae! I love you... and I hope you love your present!

    Title: Aeternus Patientia (Eternal Suffering)
    Song: Evanescence Megamix
    Song Artist: Evanescence
    Theme For Tracks: Dark/Angst/Horror

    Comments From The Editiors:

    (Cordinator) Ketsuekiko: Although I coordinated this project I didn't really participate in it. I would have loved to work with this beautiful megamix. Evanescence is my all time favorite band, and I wish to share a project which I hope portrays my love for them. I carefully selected the editors for their skill and their admiration of the band. Originally the members were: MoonlitKaitou, Sttailruby12. MoonlitKaitou has disappeared off the face of Youtube so I asked Brittanysama to step in and take her place. Due to circumstances she had to drop out and I asked Aoisenshi9 to take her place. Next is Sttailruby12. Due to her missing the deadline I had to take some regrettable drastic measures and recruited Zaiyei to take her place. In the future there will be a second Evanescence MEP in which all the original and current members will participate in. I hope that all the current members of this project and the original members can agree with me on saying that this is the most memorable project we have worked on yet!

    (Track 1) Zaiyei: This project was a unique experience that one doesnt get very often. I had a sort of urge and excitement added on by pressure knowing I only had a few hours but that just made things even more interesting. I really enjoyed exploring effects and trying new things with this chance that Ketsuekiko gave me. I was also delighted to be able to work with editors such as the ones in this MEP. These editors are all amazing making me feel out of place but it was still a lovely chance. I feel very fortunate to be apart of this great project! Thanks Ketsuekiko!

    (Track 2) 0SimplyAngel0: I enjoyed taking part in this MEP, I love the music so much *o* I loved working wiff all you guys and want to do it again sometime 8D I hope everybody enjoys this awesomeness!

    (Track 3) Pochomaluv: This Project was a great experience for me. It was fun working with the people in this MEP and I really, really enjoyed it. Though it took some time to work on my part, SiblicideAMV gave me tips on how to make my part better. I really thank her for her helpful tips and encouragements and also, for inviting me to this wonderful MEP project. I really, really enjoyed my time working with some wonderful people and this is one of the best projects that I've been in (I haven't been in alot anyway. XD) Thank you for inviting me, Rae!!!

    (Track 4) Ceres95:

    (Track 5) ShinyAppleProduction: Allo'ha 8D. I hope you really enjoy watching this MEP, as it has be a great chance for me to developing editing skills and friendships. I've met a lot of people from it, and it also gave me a chance to edit to Evanescence who I adore. I do believe I could improve my part, but if a remastered version starts again I will make it sexy :]. A really big thank you to Rae for starting this MEP to begin with, and Sammy for putting it together.

    (Track 6) Aoisenshi9: Evanescence is one of my favorite artist and being asked to be in this MEP was amazing. Mostly because I never really edited something 'dark' before. I picked Devil May Cry for my part because it was the only dark anime I had in my collection to edit at that time. XD Also, editing with Dante is always enjoyable because he's sexi. XD Lol. Anyways, it was Britt who should be writing here instead of me though, but because of circumstances, I had to fill her place. I hope I did a good job for my part and I know how much she would love to be in this MEP. Her part was so much better than mine. XD But being in this MEP was exciting and also a great experience - I'm really happy to be a part of it.

    (Intro, Track 7, Credits, Compiler) SammyPacks: HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY RAEEE! Wow... so many thoughts running through my head. First off, I was so happy to be accepted into this MEP. My real reason for joining this MEP was not only to edit to Evanescence, but also to meet new people who enjoy what I enjoy doing. I wasn't big at the time (still not), I didn't know ANYONE before this MEP. I must say one of the biggest things that I must state about this MEP was that it introduced me to some of the most amazing people I know now! It introduced me to one of my best friends now too (MagdaleneOrder/Lannu/Meh Waifu). Not only did it introduce me to friends I have now, but also my current studio (Bitter-Sweet Temptations Studios). Rae (Ketsuekiko) was friends with Brittany (Brittanysama), and they were looking for new members for this uprising studio... It opened the door to me really. Rae eventually quit AMV making, and I was real sad D:, but she did introduce us to one of her pupils (SiblicideAMV) who basically took over all of her work, it was really cool of her! Anyways... In the end I decided to help out Rae when she asked (after her Sony Vegas crashed on her) to compile the MEP for her, along with making an intro and credits. I've been so super busy, but I wanted to do this for Rae's Birthday... as a present! I love her! She really doens't know how much this MEP opened up so many doors for me! It was an amazing project to work on! I love you Rae, and everyone... you all did so amazing! I'm so proud!

    (Track 8) MagdaleneOrder:I really appreciate the opportunity I was given to participate in this MEP. I was always a fan of Evanessence, and getting to edit with a group of great people was a really wonderful experience. I've been anticipating the finished product of this forever now, mostly because I was the first one to finish my track (lol D:). I also made a bunch of great new friends, and was able to chat with some fantastic editors. Overall, this MEP was extremely fun to be a part of, and I am just extremely glad I first decided to enter a video for the audition.

    (Track 9) SiblicideAMV: Hello! I absolutely enjoyed working on this MEP. All of the other editors were absolutely spectacular and I can't wait to work with them again. My track uses the anime Ghost Hunt and Death Note. Now originally it was gonna be just Ghost Hunt, but due to circumstances I ended up remaking a track as solely Death Note. I ended up not being able to choose between the two tracks so I had them mixed together and viola! We now have a dark track fit for the song 8D. I'm really sad to say goodbye to my mentor's editing, but it was her decision to make. Due to her stepping down from editing I am now officially the Co-Leader of Bittersweet Temptations Studio. I hope to be able to fill in her shoes and live up to her reputation and become her legacy. Maybe one day I too will pass on my knowledge to someone much younger than me. Its all thanks to Rae that this is all possible! I'll miss you sensei! I wish you the best of luck and health in your life away from editing! Happy Birthday! And Many More To Come!

    Closing Note : To All the Members of this project I would like to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart and being and congradulate you on finally finishing this MEP. It has taken a few months, but I'd say its more than worth it. Thanks again for all your time, effort, drama, and help. I hope that we can one day repeat this effort. However, I am hearby announcing that I, Ketsuekiko am retiring from editing. I will coordinate more MEPs like this one, but I am afraid I will not be the one editing them. I'm sorry. Thank you once again! I love you all and wish you the best in your life.

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