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  • Member: rhoda_b
  • Studio: rabbit monster productions
  • Title: Vision
  • Premiered: 2001-07-04
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  • Song:
    • Yoko Kanno First Vision
  • Anime:
  • Comments: A Final Fantasy 8 video to "First Vision" by Yoko Kanno from the Escaflowne movie soundtrack. Made using Adobe Premiere 6.01. Footage ripped from the game CD's by means of FF8mv.exe and converted from the bink format by means of Bink's Radtools.

    Tried as far as possible to get the fight scenes and dancers in time with the music, as well as the vision of the city appearing in time with the sitar. The Monolith's shadow falling over tear's point is in time with the chord changes. Look for Edea's magic building up - the wirls are in time with the music, I think. :)

    Also attempted to make a chracter collage at the end of the song ... and end with a bang. :)

    It was made in about 4 days ... but don't let that put you off ... I knew the song and the footage backwards before I even started - just 'cause it's such acool song.

    I also tried to keep spoilers to a minimum, there is *no* footage from the final disc, and minimal non-explanatory footage from disc 3. Unfortunately, there are some minor spoilers from disc one ... such as what Edea's magic is ... but it should be watchable by anybody who hasn't played the game or has intentions to. I myself haven't completed the game yet - hence the end spoiler free footage.

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