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  • Member: Migole
  • Title: Wonderful
  • Premiered: 2009-10-26
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    • Gary Go Wonderful
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  • Comments: I went to visit my grandparent's last week and before that I added a bunch of new songs to my Ipod including this one...And I instantly fell in love with it the first time I listened to these wonderful (get it? xD) lyrics and melody *-* I finished Pandora Hearts the night before I went there and each time I listened to the song I could clearly picture Oz, Gil and Alice to it...It was all in my head and I wanted to make that video so desperately but when I was finally at home again it just wouldn't went as planned...I couldn't find the right scenes and the beats...Oh those beats Dx It looked bad using transitions, it looked bad changing the clips, it looked bad...Oh everything just looked like crap D= That's why some parts of the video might seem like I just randomly placed the clips...But believe I didn't O.O I rearranged them a thousand times, replaced some, added some, experimented with transitions/effects...It was horrible -.-* I still don't know if I like the video or not xD Of course, it looks completely different from what I had in my head that time but I haven't expected anything else xD Still there are parts I absolutely adore and parts I hate as much as spiders ~-^ What was your favourite part? :D Oh and of course this video is pretty much raw editing ;) Two or three masks, one or two transitions besides the title/credits and dissolves/flashes and some defocuses somewhere I think xD If you like effects you'll be disappointed here ;D

    ~STORY There isn't really a story in here...It's basically a character profile of Oz Bezarius' and his character development in the series. How he always trys to help Gil and Alice and everyone else around but on the other side he hates himself and has very little self-esteem. So they all end up (especially Oz and Alice) helping each other to find themselves. I don't feel like writing the whole series' plot down here...If you don't know it, watch it ;D It's an awesome show ^^ So in referral to the song's name it's all like Oz wanting the people around him to tell him he's wonderful ;) I know, crappy explanation but you get the deal xD

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