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  • Member: Migole
  • Title: The Remedy
  • Premiered: 2009-09-30
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  • Song:
    • Jason Mraz The Remedy
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  • Comments: Nothing much to say about this one O.o Originally this was supposed to be my video for an IC with Alex but her computer f**** up and we couldn't finish...That's why the first 30 seconds look rushed xD But I was too lazy to redo them... Anywayyys...I really really love this song and I quite liked how the whole thing came out so I decided to finish (well not finish, but you get the idea xD) it =3 Hmm...I know I wanted to say something else...:/ This barely has any effects by the way ;D (2 masks, 2 transitions and 1 effect to be exact ^^ You mustn't count the dissolves of course...;) and that mask at the end killed me because the clip decided to be glitchy (but in the pan/crop section only!!!-.-*) and it crashed on me the whole time ... Buuut...Here you go =3 I quite like this actually ;) Though it looked alot better on the timeline O___O (like always...) and the dissolves seem to too strong at some parts... Anyway...
    If you should ever feel down or lonely listen to this song and your life will look alot brighter ;)

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