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  • Member: Migole
  • Title: Unforgivable Sinner
  • Premiered: 2009-07-02
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    • Lene marlin Unforgivable Sinner
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  • Comments: This video was made earlier this year and was my first serious attempt at editing professionally with minor effects at the best :3
    The one moving mask in this sucks major and I can do a lot better now but I seriously couldn't be bothered to fix that O.O Sorry xD
    I don't feel like writing that much here...Here's the storyline/additional information I posted on my Youtube account:
    My sister started a Zeki (ZeroxYuuki) vid to this song and I thought it might fit Ikuto well so I searched Youtube but couldn't find very many vids to this song although it's so pretty...So I might as well start my own attempt on it^^ The story revolves around Ikuto's struggle to free himself from Easter and follows pretty much the original storyline. At the beginning you see Tadase warning Amu to not come near Ikuto. Then the video follows the lyrics of the song how Ikuto tries to seal his feelings away so his beloved ones (Amu, Utau, Tadase) won't get hurt by Easter but the only result is that he has to watch them falling apart and can't help them and at the same time he wants to return and be happy like they all used to be when they were children. The only thing that helps Ikuto is playing the violin. (First Verse) But Amu and Utau don't want to give up on him so easily and Ikuto tries to free himself from Easter but he fails and Easter starts to use the "Death Rebel".(First Chorus) So Ikuto realizes that he ends up hurting everyone around him.(Second Verse) Utau and Amu start a last attempt on saving him but he hurts them even worse and in the end Amu and Tadase don't want to see him ever again. (Second Chorus) But then everything changes and Amu realizes that Ikuto only hurt his friends to protect them. Ikuto is not far from being completely absorbed by Easter and his "dark side" (Death Rebel) so he finally longs for Amu's helping hand but Tadase who still can't forgive Ikuto chases him away and destroys everything. (Third Verse and Chorus) In the end Amu tries to talk to Tadase and explains her thoughts to him but will he believe her? (I know he does but the song wasn't any longer xD) Sorry if the language is bad and the explanation terrible ^^" I hope you can still enjoy the vid ^^

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