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  • Member: LordICE
  • Title: Kanon - One life, one moment
  • Premiered: 2009-10-24
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    • Yui I can't say
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  • Comments: After seeing Kanon 2006 I decided to make an AMV after Makoto's story, if I could find a song that goes well with that.. After a few days of searching I completely forgot about the AMV. Two weeks later, listening some songs from YUI's albums I've come across something that reminded me about Makoto and her drama. Almost instantly I said "this is the song I was searching for!".
    Through the AMV, I tried to recreate the moments of joy and drama in Makoto's story, but in a way slightly different so anyone (who hasn't seen the series) can understand what is happening on the screen. On the other hand, those who have seen the series will notice that I have used several sequences that were not part of the original story. At first, I planned to use only cuts from Makoto's episodes, but decided it will go much better if I use all the materials I need.

    About the AMV now...
    At first glance, you might think the action is going too fast. This is actually true... some scenes are even 300 to 700% more faster than should be and the rapidly changing clips may seem overwhelming. This will happen if you watch the AMV with lyrics. At first I did not want to add lyrics, so I made it with that in mind... but then I thought "what if I make the lyrics optional?". The song was going so well with the video that it would be pointless to release the AMV without lyrics. The sub's are soft coded, should have some animation and transparency (if not, check your subtitle rendering settings). I made the subs soft coded with the idea of reviewing the AMV without something distracting the viewer from the main video. I recommend to watch it first with subs, then without (or the other way around).

    You might wonder what is it with the title. The title tries to represent Makoto's short life as a human. She had her own life just like the rest of peoples, but with the difference that she had only one moment.

    As a final comment, I want to say something about the video quality.
    The video may look fragmented in some scenes. This is because I had to do 3:2 pulldown on the DVD sources and the outcome wasn't so pleasant. There is a possibility that I screwed something in the process, but I can't understand what. I hope you overcome this issue.

    Thanks for reading and watching :)

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