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  • Member: AnnaMayBelle
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  • Title: The Day The Earth Stood Still
  • Premiered: 2006-09-23
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    • Trailer The Day The Earth Stood Still
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  • Comments: Procrastination...

    After three long years...

    I finally uploaded this video!

    This was my Expo category entry that won "Best Trailer Video" at AWA XII. I barely made it to the Expo deadline when I had hoped to enter this video for Pro, and after seeing its reactions in the VAT, I had no expectations of it winning anything.

    When I requested it be shown in the VAT shortly before the contest, there was absolutely no audience reaction at all. I swore I saw a tumbleweed. I was pretty down. regretting skipping other important things like food, sleep, and videogames to finish this video... But I went to the AMV contest to photograph it for my website, and was completely blown away when my video showed!

    Don't ask for the multitude of (stupid) reasons why I haven't uploaded this video before, but I finally got around to it now! I hope you enjoy it. ^^

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