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  • Member: Cross/fade
  • Title: 9 trailer
  • Premiered: 2009-10-21
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    • 9 Trailer audio
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    Lately I had some serious problems when it comes to editing.

    No, it wasn't the lack of ideas.

    It was the lack of motivation.

    This small project helped me to overcome that thought.

    9 wasn't a great movie but it was something you call "decent". I never worked on a trailer type of an amv so I wanted to start with something simple. 9 trailer isn't too complicated or tricky. Original trailer had mostly some random action clips attached together and as you can see I didn't abandon that idea either.

    I tried to arrange characters so they will blend nicely with their originals from the movie.

    And special thanks to Eva-Fan who is a wizard.


    Any feedback as always is most welcomed :3.

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