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  • Member: Magnus
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: We Were There
  • Premiered: 2009-10-10
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    • Ellegarden Tsuki
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    *(We Were There = Bokura ga ita)

    My entry for the first round of Project Editor II, the theme of the round was "create a tribute for your favorite anime".
    So obviously, I would have to go with Bokura ga ita once again, no complaining though. Since it's one of my favorite sources to actually edit to :)

    After only a few minutes of thinking, I came up with the idea of creating sort of a trailer for the series. Since presenting the anime, showing off some of it's good sides (which in my opinion would be the dramatic twists), sort of is what makes this a rather solid tribute.

    So I basically made half the video the first day, using nothing but volume 5 of the series (the only volume that I still had ripped and ready since Our Farewell was in the making).
    I edited on it for a few hours than took a break on it for the rest of the given editing time. Well until the last day that is. The rest of the video was thrown together at pretty much the last day we had. then uploaded before I had to run because of other plans in my schedule.

    Anyways, the result, in my personal opinion, wasn't all that bad.
    And seemingly the judges would agree, giving me the highest score. Resulting in me taking the first place position of the round.

    So, I hope you enjoy this little video of mine!

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