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  • Member: Anicsi
  • Title: Real Life Fairytale
  • Premiered: 2009-10-12
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    • Plumb Real Life Fairytale
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    WORK ~~~~~~~~~~~

    Well, basically I thought: O.O Omg, that's the perfect song for Ranka & Alto, when I heard it for the first time. I love Plumb and this song is really special. I cut it, to bring it to a climax instead of letting it end with a random chorus. The song was really fun to work with but also quite a challenge, as i was trying both: Syncing to the words/lyrics as well as the beats. I kept it simple, because I think the footage itself is really pretty (I used 720p huffies on top of that) and tried to repeat certain effects everytime the melody would repeat as well. Also there are little masking scenes but I wanted them to be perfect at least, which is why it ate so much time (the scene at 2:57 nearly 10 hours).

    STORY ~~~~~~~~~~~
    Well, the story is pretty simple, I guess (hope?) everyone will understand it xD Briefly it is about Ranka, who finds in Alto a good friend, someone she can always rely on and turn to. He is the only one who can make her feel better whenever she feels depressed or is haunted by fragments of her memories. As time passes by, she realizes that she has fallen in love with him and is encouraged that he reciprocates her feelings, in all those little moments they share. But just when she finally believes to have found the right one, her 'Real Life Fairytale', and decides to confess to him, she sees him together with Sheryl. Feeling betrayed and lonesome, Ranka understands that she was never able to really get through to him, that her songs never reached Alto's heart. Even though he was the one, she wished to reach so badly.
    She decides to leave for the sake of her memories, leaving Alto behind. In the end... well, you should watch it ;-)

    Hope you will enjoy, I am happy about every comment and opinion. ^^

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