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  • Member: MsUmlaut
  • Title: Enzai Insane files collection (Greatest moments)
  • Premiered: 2007-05-27
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  • Songs:
    • Austin Powers Sound Clip
    • Beavis and Butthead Sound Clip
    • Crazy Frog We are the Champions
    • Family Guy Can't Touch Me
    • Gazette Cockroach
    • hamster dance hamster dance
    • south park Many audio clips
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Here it is, the infamous video Enzai Insane Files is here at!! It received over 200,000 views and was rated over 400 times on YouTube!

    WARNING!!!: im not doing this just to make fun of the unfortunate things happening to the anime, but im doing this just to bring laughter. If you don't like this at all or can't stand seeing characters OOC then please don't watch. There is also yaoi in there as well (boyXboy).

    ENJOY ^^

    Musical Moment: Cockroach by Gazette

    Opening/Closing: We are the champion by crazy frog

    Finale: Hamster Dance

    ~yng23 / MsUmlaut~

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