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  • Member: ngsilver
  • Studio: Chaotic Bad Raptor
  • Title: Dance 5.0
  • Premiered: 2009-10-03
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    • Coolio 1,2,3,4
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    So yeah, I did it again. I know I said I wouldn't make another one of these. I know I had said that when I DO make Dance 5 that it would be all actual anime. Well, guess I lied. I did however decide to use as much high quality footage as I could this time around and I think I used the most actual anime footage out of the whole series.

    So here's the story. Last year a few guys who mostly hang out in #superic decided to make a vid for my birthday. They called it ngsilver's dance party. It was kind of cool watching someone try to imitate these videos which while not being the majority of what I make happen to be perhaps the most memorable other then my H vids. Anyway, watching it inspired me to sit down and make Dance 5. I promised the guys I'd make the video because of their video. Well, here it is. Grant it, nearly a year later and mostly as a break from my other projects and so I could send something new to GQ's new fall contest Kimokiro (or whatever it's called.) And thus the fall season of contests shall be whored :D

    Since each video in the dance series has had a theme of some type I figured I would keep that going. Side stepping the natural progression that had been developing in the vids of making jokes and throw backs to previous vids I decided to just go with the main theme from Dance!!! which was the most popular. The main theme was basically dancing to music. So I picked something that was fun to dance to back in the 90s and grabbed as much source as I could of people having fun dancing. In the end it became evident that the video would be more to the effect like a bunch of characters going to a disco. From that point I just went with what felt right for each segment.

    There are a few throwbacks in this vid, the easiest to spot of course is the segment with the Roxbury characters, which of course is a throwback to 2. The other throw backs are a little harder to notice, such as the DDR character dancing with other characters around the corners as a throwback to 1. The song itself is in a way a throwback to 3, since 3 was more a hophop song then a 'dance' song. 4, being the bastard stepchild of the series was more a joke in and of itself so I kind of didn't bother to really throw back to it, but inevitably I gave it a throwback with the dancing anonymous.

    This video is perhaps one of the most visually complicated vids I've done, and I know it's the most complicated out of the whole series to date. I know after watching it you may think what? considering a majority of the video uses single gifs/video. However, as the video progresses it starts to get more and more complex, all beginning with the segment where the cosplay complex character gets scared away by a gif. Sure there is a lul after that, but that is a false sense of comfort as the chorus ends right into a steady progression of complication. From 3 mins in until the end it just picks up with the number of gifs in one scene and the frequency that they change according to the beat.

    My favorite segment to work on had to have been the one with the gorillaz music video scene. Timing the ball up to hit the guy on the beat was my favorite part really.

    Due to the final segment having some mild nudity in it I had to censor some parts for the contest versions. The version on the org is the full uncensored version (there's nothing sexual going on, just some quick glimpses of boobs falling out of dresses.) However I will provide a censored version for download from my personal site for those of you against boobs.

    I hope you have as much fun watching this as I did making it. I know I say that every time, but hey, I had a blast working on this video!

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