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  • Member: Falconone
  • Title: Space Marine
  • Premiered: 2009-09-19
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    • Official Trailer - Space Marine Official Trailer
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  • Comments: Well what should i say, i think that is my best video at the moment. I like the sound synchro and .... its cool XD

    It was crazy, i searched for a song and didnt had much time to finish it, because i want to send it to AWA Pro and Connichi. so i searched short songs. One day a friend send me the link to the Trailer of the Warhammer 40K game Space Marine, and it was awesome. I thought long time about this tracke if i should use it. when i looked on the calender, i realized that i have not much time, so i begun to collect the source, at this point i must Thank You to Autraya, because she showed me the serie.

    After some weeks of collecting i started, and wow it didnt take long to edit and i had great fun... ok the video has only 1:34 XD but normaly i need long time to edit something.

    To the video.... i would say.... its an action trailer what do you want more? Go and get it.

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