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  • Member: Nunchuck
  • Studio: Digital Flow
  • Title: Whoaaa did you see that Unicorn?
  • Premiered: 2009-09-17
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  • Song:
    • Nick Cave & Warren Ellis What must be done
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    Some Facts:
    I used After Effects, Premiere and Quicktime.
    I have 231 Compositions in After Effects.
    I edited my footage to 4 different songs before I decided on this one.
    I spent a huge amount of time on Flickr, Google, and Deviant Art to find those pictures.
    I have masked over a 900 frames.
    I abused Blabbler.

    Have Fun^^

    The whole AMV follows a color scheme. It goes from blue (dark, unsecure, sad) to some kind of orange tone (bright, hope) back to blue (dark,....). So as you can see the whole amv is more like a frame covering all the emotions that are expressed by the characters. Here is a picture to the color scheme i had:

    I had a concept. It was showing the viewer extrem saddness and sorrow, but also giving him a blink of hope.

    Edit: There is no relation between the AMV and the title! It was randomly picked. You can name it whatever you want! After all the video is important and not so much what it's called :D

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