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  • Member: lynit
  • Studio: Decomposing Trout Studios
  • Title: Changement principal de modèle ce qui : La diatribe et les aventures de M. Jones
  • Premiered: 2009-09-12
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    • Pixies Crackity Jones
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    I like this video.
    It was an offshoot of an idea that I was considering for Animethon 16. However, this became more, much much more. I had fun editing this. Thus it sets it apart from most of my other videos. And I still quite like it, and the video has been done for the good part of a month.

    This is a new video, however, much of it takes inspiration from most of my videos edited back in 2007. It'll probably be the last video set in that old style, people have grown wary to such gimmicks and techniques now.

    Thanks to the following.
    godix, Fall_Child42, MD, NerdStrudel, and Otohiko.

    Enjoy kids.

    P.S this video has some violent shit. You might wanna stay away from it if you're under 14.

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