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  • Member: DancesWithRainbows
  • Studio: DancesWithRainbows Productions
  • Title: Dont Freak, Just Chill
  • Premiered: 2009-09-08
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  • Songs:
    • Avril Lavigne Freak Out
    • Toy Box Wizard Of Oz
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  • Comments: I made this for a good friend who made me FANTASIC video for me recently
    Shes a new but amazing friend and also a recent addition to my YT family and My wifeys
    I gotta be careful I have like 11 wifeys now... NO ITS NOT A CULT!!! LOL

    Anyway This video is suppose to be up.. and happy cause i made a swee video but it turned sad when the person who inspired the feelings behind it broke my heart so heres a more happy video and AMUSING when u get to the ending ^_^

    The ending is suppose to be kinda inspired, a reference, and a perhaps alternative turn out of a intro/ending bit I suggested their same friend to use in her recent NaruSasuNaru MEP.
    I made the ending credits like Narutos been runing around telling anyone who will listen.
    Also the video itself Well My friend Sha ( a local singer songwriter friend)

    She wants people to leave her shows inspired and changed and she inspired part of this video. She had this new song she preformed this recnet weekend that she described as sorat being like shes giving herself a pep talk and I think this song is worded in a way that it could be like that as well... And I think sometimes Sasuke needs one!!

    My friend Yakiechan for whom this video is for, and at time IN, strikes me as a friendly warm hearted person who's is very inspiring and fun to talk to. After all I did make videos related to hers, her ideas, or song picks like 2 or 3 times LOL
    Anyway... She made me feel better after having my heart broken during the making of my last video... and well after the WONDERFUL video she tributed to me I HAD to do this and it was SUPER FUN to make through that ending funny bit was a bitch to do and i STILL dont think i got the timing for the subs right but I hope you enjoy and PEOPLE PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO ME AND YAKIECHAN she does amazing videos especial her recent ones CHECK THEM OUT!!!!


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