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  • Member: Pwolf
  • Studio: Pwolf's Anime Music Video's
  • Title: Nan Desu Kan 2009 Amv Contest Intro (List Version)
  • Premiered: 2009-09-12
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    • Europe Final Countdown
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  • Comments: In 2006, I was asked by Scottanime to come up with an intro to his NDK AMV Contest and the next year i did the intros for Sacanime and NDK. TsunamiJones ended up doing the amazing intro for the 2008 contest. After a few initial emails about the 2009 contest, Scott asked if I wanted to do the intro. I agreed as I had already been gathering some ideas.

    My first idea was going to use some of my 3D skills to make a 3D computer interface as if the contest itself was a program being run on a computer. I had a boot sequence setup and a prototype design made. Unfortunately the hard drive the project was on died and so did the idea. There were a lot of problems with the design but the concept was well received by the few "alpha" testers.

    After mulling around a few months, i finally decided to get the creative ball rolling again and settled on one of my older ideas i thought of before i was asked about doing the intro. I've always wanted to do something with "The Final Countdown" but didn't want to do a full video. NDK has a theme every year so this year was "space" (or something similar). The song fits pretty well but I didn't really an idea for the video. I was still set on doing something 3D so I made a few test renders of some ideas but none of them really came through. I decided to keep it simple. Thats how i've always done it, so why not?

    I started editing and finished up the majority of the video in a short amount of time. During the editing process, I looked at a few other contest intros to get some inspiration and Gambit's Otakon intro gave me an idea. I really like how he incorporated the names of the videos in the video so I decided to look into some options. I felt just a simple 8-10 second "title" screen was good for what I was doing. I ended up doing two versions, one with a list and one without, since by the time Scott has the list of finalist may be too late. Luckily I was given the list a week before the showing so I was able to complete it in time for him.

    Without going into too much more detail, for the most part, what you see is what my original idea for this video was. I had done something different for comedy but my beta tester's felt it was overdone so I was suggested another approach and i think it worked out. I might release the other idea as a director's cut in the future.

    Anyway, this version is the aptly named "List Version" because this incarnation contains a list of videos for each category (in no particular order). The other version is, for the most part, the same video but with minor changes and added scenes. Personally I like both versions.

    Special Thanks to TsunamiJones and MoonlightSoldier for beta testing.

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