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  • Premiered: 2009-09-03
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    • Sixx A.M. Life is Beautiful (Acoustic Version)
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    What can i say...

    A project i wanted to create long ago. Something sentimental. I always knew that my ideas were somewhat different from the others, even though they didn't believe me at all... Now, that project, was my time to shine. And... heh... considering that the word "shine" in the japanese language means "die", it seems that this amv could be something that would make me understand that i'm not good at editing at all, or make me a hero. And, till now, from the comments i watch, the second one starts to happen :)

    So, i used a song that 90% of people didn't know that even existed. Life is Beautiful by Sixx A.M. A truly amazing song, a song that can make you realise that... everyone has his problems, not just you... Withstand everything and at last, see, that... life is beautiful. The truth is that i needed a song that could make others... cry, or something like this, with awesome lyrics and such, and that was my perfect choice.

    Something more to add : i know that by using Naruto, Bleach, Death Note and many other anime that are overused could kill the amv, but noone up until now was bothered by that. Why? Because the proper scenes where used, to create the proper atmosphere, that's why.

    Nothing more to say here, it's something i was preparing for 2 and a half months. Mostly searching the scenes i'd like to put in the right segments, after hearing again and again and again the song. Thanks for watching, really.

    This amv is dedicated to every human of this world facing problems... that could be you.

    And some of the quick comments this amv had... ^^
    # 2010-02-01 19:51:12 I really like this. Unlike most multi-anime videos, this video uses lots of scenes from the actual anime rather then using opening and/or promotional footage, and that way it came across as less.. generic i guess for lack of a better word. Also, on a more biased note, you didnt use ef or any of the promos, therefore extra awsm points from me ;3 anyways good stuff, definitely has my vote for best dramatic. 5/5 - Chiikaboom
    # 2010-01-31 18:56:48 I really liked the feeling the video conveyed, but on a more technical side, a lot more could be wished from the editing. Another thing that bothered me was that there were SD and HD sources mixed. Still very good video, it got under my skin. 4/5 - Funkyk-kun
    # 2009-11-11 01:17:17 annoyingly well done
    # 2009-11-07 17:46:37 Wonderfully touching. A very beautiful find on this site.
    # 2009-11-02 14:00:56 he make me want cry
    # 2009-09-15 23:20:57 absolutely amazing
    # 2009-09-11 17:03:23 worth watching for sure
    # 2009-09-06 18:07:39 I liked it. Good stuff. *Crossfade
    # 2009-09-05 16:39:09 Good work, I enjoyed it. -Fizziks

    --------------------FUN FACTS EVERYONE!-------------------
    Did you know that...
    -The name of this amv was supposed to be Cum Lacrimis (With tears) but was changed days before it was completed?
    -This was made when i was about 17 and a half. That means that everybody can achieve anything regardless how old or young he/she is ;)
    -I can't stand watching it. Yes, it's true! I've seen it so many times and i'm... ashamed of it. I only spot mistakes and flaws in it.
    -It's the third video you get when you type "amv" on Youtube? (by the name Life is Beautiful, another user uploaded it)
    -"Live" was uploaded by more than 10 profiles on Youtube?
    -It was my first attempt at Drama/Sentimental category... and as far as i see, after watching all those hundrents of comments saying "omg manly tears" and "i cried so hard, baww :3" ,that means that i've achieved my goal :D
    -Almost one year after it was released, it was Number 1 on the Org's Drama category, on Top 10% Rated Videos :
    -On the Org, it has a score of 4.15/5 stars. That makes it no.65 among 85.000 other amvs! Check the top star scale ;)
    -I never had a girlfriend, and this video was a trick up my sleeve! After sending this to a girl i liked, she made the first move by telling me (via sms) how many times she saw it. Anyway, nothing happened and STILL don't have a girlfriend, so, if you're a 15-19 year old emo chick and listen to Manson, contact me!

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