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  • Member: Rider4Z
  • Studio: Otaku Lounge Productions
  • Title: Reason to Smile
  • Premiered: 2009-09-04
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    • Avril Lavigne Innocence
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  • Comments: KuroKiiro Festival 2009 Finalist - Sentimental/Romance
    Animation Supercon 2009 WINNER - Best Drama (unconfirmed)
    Anime Banzai 2009 Finalist - Drama
    Youmacon 2009 Finalist - Drama

    VCAs 2009 Finalist: Character Profile
    VCAs 2009 Semifinalist: Character Profile, Drama, Sentimental, and Storytelling

    JCAs 2009 Best Sentimental

    I had a lot of other videos i planned that i could have started next, but the inspiration for this one just fell into my lap and i had to make it.

    The thing i'm learning i love the most about One Piece... it's not the action. it's not the comedy, and it's not the epicness. It's the amazing relationships between the main characters. Their friendships and bonds absolutely astound me.

    And Luffy is the most amazing of all. His loyalty to his friends is unconditional. He values every member of his crew and is always ready to welcome more.

    When i first started watching One Piece, i didn't care for Nami at all. I thought she was selfish and greedy and she annoyed me, but after seeing her backstory, my view of her completely changed. Of all 5 crew members (i haven't reached chopper yet) her past is indeed the most tragic.
    But Luffy could care less about what happened to her in the past, and he refuses to accept her intention to betray and leave the crew to save her town. And when she's left with no where else to turn for help, Luffy, along with Zoro, Usopp, and Sanji, forgive her without hesitation and go defend her home from the ravaging fishmen who have tormented them for several years.

    Much like Nami, i kind of wrote off Avril Lavigne as an artist before really giving her a chance. but over time and hearing many of her songs on the radio, i started to realize she wasn't just some punk rebel without a cause. Many of her songs are very deep and heartfelt, not to mention the melodies that she comes up with. and just the other day, i randomly found Innocence on iTunes, and just loved the melody of it. the next day i listened again and the thought of Nami struck me as being a great match for this song.

    i kept going back and forth whether i wanted to keep the english dubbing or leave it as a strictly con version. after watching with and without overtime, i realized having the dubbing choked me up more. so sorry if you don't like it, i do and it's staying.

    PLEASE NOTE: the dubbing in this video is from the FUNimation version. NOT 4Kids. for those of you who have watched the atrocious 4Kids dub, i highly recommend watching the new english version by FUNimation. they are releasing it the way it's supposed to be and is greatly doing the series justice.

    QCs: (most are good, many didn't like the song or dub)
    2010-05-18 - Well put together - I never got into One Piece but this video made me interested.
    2010-05-04 - One of my permanent all time favorite AMV's ever, thank you!!
    2010-03-16 - I love it when a song matches the footage that well. Made my eyes wet!
    2010-03-02 - Reminded me why Arlong Arc was my favorite out of all of the (wonderful) One Piece arcs. Definitely did justice to it! 5 stars. :Db
    2010-02-26 - Avril Lavigne AND using dub dialogue, and you made it work!!! That's brave and impressive.
    2010-02-20 - I've watched all 400 episodes, and this anime is still amazing. I almost forgot how good these old episodes are too ^___^' thanks for making it.
    2010-02-05 - I cried! Thanks for making it!
    2010-01-19 - This is nice. =) Although I'm not a fan of the dub, I think the part in the beginning is particularly fitting, especially because Nami's dub voice sounds similar to Avril's singing in the first few lines. Good job.
    2009-12-05 - English dubs, plus the song made it unbearable for me.
    2009-09-14 - This was really well done, but I found the music a bit gratiing and so was unable to enjoy it as much as other people seem to have
    2009-09-12 - T_T......staaaaaare

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