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  • Member: Kawatta-kun
  • Studio: Kawa Studios
  • Title: Geass Phenomenon
  • Premiered: 2009-09-06
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  • Song:
    • Thousand Foot Krutch Phenomenon
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    My entry for an AMV contest, at a con named "Midori Fest", at Portugal.
    ---3rd place---

    Why such a song, why such a "cliché"? Well I had this idea IN AGES but never had the guts/willpower/wtv to start doing it, no wait, to do it in fact (i've started, it was trash). By "Phenomenon" I remember of the Geass power. It is indeed a phenomenon in Lelouch's world, so it fits pretty well.
    I've done it, pretty much, almost chronologically. Following the story, and lyrics as much as possible.

    Programs used: Sony Vegas Pro 8.0a

    Details: First time doing real masking. It isn't perfect, but cool enough; tried new effects.
    Since August's 3rd till almost September. In the beginning was easy, but then laziness strikes me over and over again! If it wasn't for the contest (deliver day: August 30th) maybe it would last longer... Or not.

    My best work till the day (at character profile'ing). I've done some cool stuff before, but just tooooo small.

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