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  • Members (7): Msf, Kazkis, Shinzo, cascao_123, kurosakibruno, leotoushirou, rntkakashi
  • Studio: ~O.W.A~ Studios
  • Title: The King of P.O.P
  • Premiered: 2009-07-26
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Michael Jackson Bad
    • Michael Jackson Beat It
    • Michael Jackson Dangerous
    • Michael Jackson Don't stop until you get enough
    • Michael Jackson Earth Song
    • Michael Jackson Heal the World
    • Michael Jackson Jam
    • Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal
    • Michael Jackson they don't really care about us
    • Michael Jackson We Are The World
  • Anime:
  • Comments:

    Hello folks, this mep was produced by brazilians amv makers to honor Michael Jackson, a project that should start two days after the announcement of the death of king of pop and completed two weeks later. here is a tribute via a mep that idol of world.

    Maker: Shinzo
    Anime: Many

    Track 1
    Maker: Otaku x
    Anime: Tekkonkinkreet
    Music: They Don't Care About Us

    Track 2
    Maker: Hkira
    Anime: One Piece
    Music: Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough

    Track 3
    Maker: Renato Kakashi
    Anime: Macross Zero
    Music: Earth Song

    Track 4
    Maker: Bruno
    Anime: The Karas
    Music: Smooth Criminal

    Track 5
    Maker: Wolf
    Anime: K'ON
    Music: Dangerous

    Track 6
    Maker: Leo Toushirou
    Anime: Munto
    Music: Heal The World

    Track 7
    Maker: Msf
    Anime: Rosario + Vampire
    Music: Bad

    Track 8
    Maker: Kazkis
    Anime: Speed Grapher
    Music: Beat It

    Track 9
    Maker: Shinzo
    Anime: Basquash
    Music: JAM

    Track 10
    Maker: Marcos
    Anime: Akira
    Music: We Are The World e World

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