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  • Member: Mr Pilkington
  • Studio: Less Than Three
  • Title: ROHerpes
  • Premiered: 2009-09-19
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  • Song:
    • Radio Free Vestibule I Don't Want To Go To Toronto
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    Officially named:
    Reflections of Hypnotoad: ex reginae, propter effertae sunt

    A pilkington original! This video is pretty self explanatory.
    The song came by way of the old .org forums circa 2002/03, back in the good old days of the OT. Actually this was posted in the music forum, but that's beside the point. For years I have pondered doing this video but the sources never really came together. However recently, I don't really recall HOW to to be honest, I had this vision in my head. And that vision haunted me until the day I completed this video. Now you all knows the horrors of what goes on inside my skull. Enjoy

    Technical info:
    The footage of Guu was taken from DVDs and upscaled via Avisynth to HD720. Then I evened the framerate to 24fps and deinterlaced the footage, for anyone who has worked with the Jungle Wa Itsumo R1s you know that this is not exactly the simplest task. :p Then I increased the volume of frames to 60.... so yes, this REALLY is 60fps. If you want to know what the crappy p24 version looks like there is a version available on youtube simply called ROHerpes 720p24. All of the Guu footge was rotoscoped in Adobe AfterEffects and imported a a video file into Premiere CS3 for blue-screening and syncing. To put in short, I made the video of just the Guu footage first , timed and sync it, then exported, entered that video into AfterEffects for the rotoscoping, the reexported as the new blue-screened footage, THEN finally added the background images and the backup singers. Yes I probably could have done it all In AE or used some crappy rotoscript, but during the planing phase I discerned that this was the quicker/cleaner method, which it was. At least for my editing style.

    Random Toronto Facts:
    * Toronto is home to the world's tallest completed building (to be surpassed by the Burj Dubai)
    * Toronto's Police Force is one of the most efficient, friendly and respected of all police forces in the world.
    * Toronto has the only real castle in all of North America.
    * There are over 100 languages spoken throughout the city
    * According to the Guinness Book of World Records Yonge Street is the longest street in the world.
    * None of the streets in Toronto are twisted
    * People don't have faces in Toronto, they have cigarette ads instead.
    * It's illegal to possess brightly colored balloons in Toronto
    * Nobody goes to the bathroom in Toronto. They have a special operation and have it removed surgically
    * The name Toronto comes form an old Indian word meaning "to suck."

    Big thanks to:
    EK (aka: "Big Big Truck") for the song
    LantisEscudo for the Latin lesson
    MD for the kick ass chef Ramsay emote |:=3
    aesling for making me cry
    half of Brad
    Vlad for being Canadian
    SNHknives for encouraging my AfterEffects habit.
    Tibbychick for the RD door inserts and canadin' my ride
    And the entire country of Canada for being such an easy target.

    Current contest entries:
    AWA 15 Expo (2009)
    Another Anime Convention (2009) WINNER: Judges Choice

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