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  • Member: xpaperclip
  • Title: Manifest Iron Chef 2009: The Sideshow of Animals
  • Premiered: 2009-08-23
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    • Camille Saint-SaŽns Carnival of the Animals
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  • Comments: The almost-winner (aka runner up) in a severely reduced field this year - of the 6 original competitors,
    - Autraya, the previous winner (2008) was unable to come to Manifest,
    - Lockstock, the winner before that (2007) didn't finish, and
    - EvilTom, the person who I thought should have won in 2007 was apparently refused due to non-family-friendliness.

    On the other hand, BlueTrain, the winner the years before that (2005, 2006) finished, and he finally has his third crown apron.

    With the new coordinator, there was a departure from the specific and difficult themes the previous two years. Instead, we got a vague and difficult theme: "Carnival of the Animals".

    In addition to the music (all 14 movements from the Saint-SaŽns suite), we were given the following video sources:
    - Blue Dragon ep. 10 + 11
    - Fruits Basket ep. 7 + 14
    - something from Fire Emblem (I think?)

    However, there was no requirement to use any of it, which was lucky, since I hadn't seen any of it and on first viewing none of it really appealed to me. However, the theme was given more weight (50%) so the winner didn't end up just doing any AMV using the sources. Through the day I brainstormed some ideas (some extremely grand and over-ambitious), but in the end the video ended up being a very literal interpretation of the theme, with a sort of parade of animal-related stuff from Ghibli.

    Music-wise, I cut together parts of the Aquarium, Fossils and Finale movements. The style also fell back into something similar to my 2007 video, with a series of tracks coupled to the feel of various phrases of music. The title even went back to my thesaurus/pun strategy.

    The video is intended to be cute/fun (seemed to fit the theme) but not comedy-funny. I realise the start is extremely clichťd, and there is no coherent story. There is also a very subtle nod (at ~1:20) that I don't think anyone got.

    Although we had (nominally) more time, this didn't actually turn into more editing time and this video is the shortest thus far in both run length and time spent. This is because:
    1) unveiling at 10am meant getting up earlier and thus more tired at night
    2) one of my friends was entering cosplay, so I stayed until after that ended (late!) to support them
    3) Showgrounds is much further away for me than Melbourne Uni (two modes of public transport -> twice waiting for something to come)

    Also, doing IC in the middle of the busiest semester I have ever had is not good. I didn't sleep much the previous weekend either (last minute project fixing up for Open Day at uni), nor the past week, so by the time I got home (around 8 or 9 I think), I was already falling asleep. I therefore started by preparing our own sources that we were told to prepare (but that I didn't :) ) and then slept for a little while. I didn't actually start editing until around midnight. I did sleep more this year, however the next day I was starving but felt sick whenever I tried to eat something (apart from, ironically, expired rice cakes).

    (I also freaked out early in the morning when I did a render and half the video was black. Then I realised half the tracks were off. *facepalm*)

    The sum total of all this meant that I had to cut a lot of what I wanted to do. It also probably didn't help that I haven't edited anything (at all) since last year. In total, I actually edited for only about 5-6 hours and it shows. The editing in this video has turned out to be extremely sloppy (another reason is I used my 30 fps presets in a 25 fps video, hence the completely screwed up timing).

    Still, having the theme on my side meant I didn't end up dead last again. In fact, it's my first time almost winning (that means coming 2nd out of 3, but whatever :P). The music also suited me, although it is wearing down my list of music that I want to do but haven't (indirectly, since Fossils draws from Danse Macabre).

    I also realise that I keep saying I will finish a proper non-IC video and enter it, but forces have conspired to ensure it hasn't happened yet. One thing that I really do want to do is cover the complete suite. It is a tad long, so probably more suitable for a MEP, but I also doubt there would be much interest.

    Anyway, this year is probably an improvement in some respect on last year. Next year, hopefully I'll finally be able to do something I'm happy with, since the in-semester problem will not exist (although the lack of sleep problem will probably persist).

    'til then!

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