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  • Member: machina21
  • Studio: Dakrewkideye Studios
  • Title: Of the heart, of the soul
  • Premiered: 2009-08-22
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    • PM Dawn I'd Die Without You
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  • Comments: A very odd journey for "Of the Heart". Originally, I had intended for it to be a second entry along with "Spin On, Simon" for Anime Expo 09, but a last minute decision prevented that from happening. I was not satisfied with the end product and decide to work on it further. The end result? Well, that's for you to decide.

    After years of waiting,I was finally able to buy a box set of Rahxephon (Which also included the movie, which I had not seen)and celebrated by watching the entire series, movie included, in a about a day. I had seen it before on television, but it had been some time since then. I never intended to make a Rahxephon AMV. At the time "Spin On,Simon" was in its planning stages and other ideas for AMV's were swirling in my mind. However, this all changed when I listened to an old favorite of mine.

    "I'd Die without you" to me, is a classic song. I first heard when watching the old Eddie Murphy movie "Boomerang" years ago. The song has stayed with me ever since. Go watch the movie if you have the chance, awesome, awesome movie

    The song features a melodic piano intro and this would be the main reason for its use in this AMV. Usually when making an AMV, one would have specific scenes in mind to use. In this case, the only reason why this AMV was made is because there are several scenes in Rahxephon where the character "Quon" is playing the piano. That's all it took and it went forward to make this AMV

    The project itself did not take long to complete initially. About two weeks went into it and it had the "rough draft" version of the AMV done. Around this time is when I decided to push for Anime Expo. But because of the scale of "Spin On Simon" that AMV took priority over this and would be on the back burner until a week before the submission deadline.

    When the time came to finally complete "Of The Heart" I was confident I could complete on time. Technically, I did. But the first version was so sloppy and unsatisfactory. It wasn't until I had found out that I was a finalist that I went back to improve to vid. Numerous changes were made. The frame rate was lowered from 29.97 to 23.97fps. Many sync issues had to be corrected. I even wanted to make the vid letterboxed, but decided against it when I saw how much of the picture was cropped out. Finally after so many small but necessary fixes, "Of the Heart" is now (For the most part)complete.

    This is about as basic as you can get when it comes to editing. The "Usual Suspects" of transitions rear their faces here (Crossfade, Fade to black, fade to white). There aren't that many effects in this AMV . The most is just subtle tweaking of the timing of the footage. The "biggest" effect was was having the footage of Haruka and Ayato's reflections in coffee cross fade over another, which was a bit more complicated than I initially thought.

    Oh yea, the story.

    Um, a mushy mushy,kissy kiss face AMV about of course Ayato and Haruka. The song I think fits Haruka's side of the relationship, since she is more in the know of how she and Ayato relate initially. Eventually, both characters come to the realization of how much they really mean to each other, blah blah blah....Although I was surprised by a certain scene in the movie, certainly didn't see that coming...

    All that said, this is my first romantic/drama AMV. I hope ya'll enjoy it and that it is a worthy addition to "The Org".

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