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  • Member: fallout161
  • Title: Semi-Automatic Maiden Mahoro
  • Premiered: 2003-05-03
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    • Apartment 26 untitled bonus track
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  • Comments: Unlike my last 2 videos, THIS video might not disappoint you.

    Well... that having been said, here's teh lame info:

    Time spent: 20-30 hours, closer to 30. Over the course of 2 days flat. Yes, I am
    insane. No, it's not contagious.

    Anime: Mahoromatic is another one of those lesser-known animes that is awesome in a
    few ways. It's a GAINAX production, so it definitely had its moments. Now if only I
    could get a straight answer as to whether or not it's still airing.... anyway, I
    used about 6 of the 13 episodes. The middle part of the video (you'll know what I
    mean when you see it) comes from ep.4, if you're curious.

    Song: an untitled track by Apartment 26. The song was originally only 2:19 (too
    short for my tastes), which is why I added a goodie. It was hella fun
    to edit to, and I kept David Violence's videos in mind as inspiration as I edited.

    Problems: Adobe Premiere is not only sentient, but it is the devil. It threw a whole
    crapload of new problems at me, for no reason. I exported it from Premiere
    overnight, and in the morning, the grey background was gone. As was the menu bar.
    The only thing that remained of Premiere was a few windows (the navigator and
    effects window, to be specific). To this day, Premiere starts up that way. I have no
    idea why. I also spent a great deal of time struggling to make the vid decent
    quality but low file size - mostly using TMPG. Forgive the slightly
    higher-than-normal size.. I'm sick of making half-assed pixelly things that earn me
    a 7 in the Capture Quality category.

    Interesting stuff:
    -The 7 gunshots two-thirds through the AMV (1:56 and 2:01)... took me 40 minutes to
    cut correctly. I had to disassemble and reassemble the animation frame by frame,
    four separate times, until it looked right. Go me.
    -In the first 15 seconds, I made a little boy cry on beat.

    Bad stuff: In the upper right hand corner, there is constantly a logo "BS-X"... this
    is because I was using fansubs. However, it's not as noticeable as you might think.
    Though it does occasionally move whenever I used Motion. The last action scene of
    the video is untimed for a few beats, as well as the action scene with the crab in
    the middle, but it doesn't become horrible or annoying. I hope.

    Also, I left the subtitles in during two scenes. Both of these scenes were
    intentional. You'll see.

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