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  • Member: -Heero-
  • Studio: Dream Fall
  • Title: Aces
  • Premiered: 2009-08-15
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  • Song:
    • Van Halen Top Gun Anthem
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  • Comments: This latest project was really fun for me. The Top Gun Anthem is one of the best songs out there, and my personal favorite. I've always wanted to create something, like a tribute to this great song, but I never had any fitting material. That was until recently, I have watched the sky crawlers by my fav director Mamoru Oshii. I just knew it would fit, and although the anime doesn't really go the way I had imagined, which was kinda problematic and ended up in a twisted turn in this amv, it still came up perfectly. The production time lasted 3 days including material gathering, which is pretty short I think. I consider this my personal best, and I'm glad because my editing skills didn't go stiff (laughs).
    Anyway, the story I wanted to present is pretty simple (too many "simples" I think). The story of an Ace pilot, who goes for a war, joining a larger squadron. He gets a few magnificent kills, and being confident, takes on another Ace, the enemy's trump card.
    I'm sorry to say that my amv is one big spoiler actually, so if you're planning to watch The Sky Crawlers, do it before watching my amv, I just warned ya ok ? :)
    Have fun, I certainly had making this.

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