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  • Member: Shuriken_Blades
  • Studio: Re-Evolution Studios
  • Title: End This Catastrophe
  • Premiered: 2009-05-24
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  • Song:
    • Forever The Sickest Kids Catastrophe
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  • Comments: O R I G I N A L V I D E O :

    It got audioswapped though haha. Merry Christmas?

    A B O U T :
    This is the low frame rate youtube size version with my Re-Evolution intro in it still. I can't go back and render again because this video gave me the biggest, frustrating trouble I've ever had with an AMV. I managed to get this mp4 version by rendering at seperate places soooo.
    I cut the song, because I started this only 4 days before 0SimplyAngel0's birthday, but then I decided if I made it full, I could dedicate it to MJSistersx3 and Amvorgasm too P:

    S T O R Y :
    Ikuto doesn't want to get close to anyone because of Easter, and he's gonna hurt them in the long run. Then he meets Amu, and as much as he wants to ignore her, he cant and it becomes a catastrophe (get it?). Ikuto decides that he's not going to let Amu get in the way of his freedom from Easter, but he still doesn't want to hurt someone precious to him and ends up helping her still. This is when Amu notices his weird behaviour.
    When he hides in her closet and hurts Tadase later on, Amu gets infuriated and tells him to hurry up and go away (lyrics: "get away, hurry up come on, get away, gotta get up and go"). He leaves her house and plans to leave town and never come back, but then Easter informs him that he's not allowed to go anywhere until he gets the Embyo.
    Ikuto goes back to the park where him and Amu first meet and infuraited, he attempts to try and kill Amu so he can get the Embyro without her being in the way. Amu doesnt beleive this is the real Ikuto, and tries to protect their memories together.
    Who's blood is it, who knows? P:

    P R O G R A M :
    . Sony Vegas 7.0

    A U D I O :
    Forever the Sickest Kids: Catastrophe

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