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  • Members: Nya-chan Production, FunStorm, GorDon, Vikita
  • Title: Neapolitan no Sauce
  • Premiered: 2009-08-09
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  • Songs:
    • Chiwa Saitou & Miyuki Sawashiro Neapolitan no Sauce
    • Yui Horie Nano desu -Ha'nyuu Inai no desu ver.- (Instrumental)
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  • Comments: So it was a friday/saturday night on Advik 09 (last week) and after some talk, we had decided to make a quick collab in four people.

    11PM: The work starts. We have two rigs in the place (mine and GorDon's). We try to pick the song.

    Midnight: We listened to many songs. No compromise found. Most of MSI is blocked by me.

    1AM: We decide to randomly play three songs from my anime folder and choose from them to end the status quo and the flow of nonsense ideas.

    1:15AM: Vivat randomness! Song chosen, we edit the song, leave the worst part for GorDon, who's absent, and start editing!

    1:45AM: FunStorm goes and gets a second monitor, somewhere.

    3AM: We and the three fansubbers who were by chance subbing in the same room start to get crazy from the song. Everytime someone previews the piece, most of us burst into laughing. Vikita watches Saki and we all comment it as well.

    cca 5AM: I finish my piece and let Vikita edit. Falling on a mat, which was there conveniently, I fall asleep in like three seconds.

    8:10AM: I wake up. FunStorm is nowhere to be found, his piece is complete, though. Vikita is sitting on a desk, asleep. Fansubbers are gone. I wake up Vikita, who should've started projecting anime ten minutes ago. He fumbles around the room for two minutes to disappear. He didn't remember this later on when I asked him.

    Saturday: We find GorDon and give him his piece and he starts editing. Vikita has to go for a yoyo camp and I promise to send him the files when he gets back.

    Sunday: Deep in the world of WC3, GorDon somehow manages to finish his part. He tells us it's really crazy and that he hates us. We all know he lies. Advik ends.

    Friday: I send Vikita the stuff and he starts editing again. I think about making credits in AE.

    Saturday: Vikita finishes his part over Saturday, but I have to attend my sister's wedding.

    Sunday: I get back and try making credits in AE. Half an hour later, I give up and make them in Vegas. Fixing few small things, I send the encodes to other editors and get approval. Make a banner, upload, ?????, PROFIT!!!

    It was some great tiemz! ;x

    Disclaimer: This video has no sense at all. it's just random fun stuff to pull out over a night. If you expect a deep story, go search somewhere deep. It's not here.

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